• 05/07/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    Coffeesmith’s Challenges and Adaptations

    Entrepreneurship promises bigger gain, but bigger risk also follows. Here’s how Coffeesmith overcomes their obstacles.

    The first risk the owners of Coffeesmith faced, as faced by every new entrepreneur, is the instability of income. “We’re used to work as employee with fixed income, but now we have to get used to the fluctuation of income. Fortunately, we don’t need too many staffs because as the owners, we can cover everything, from design, becoming baristas, and doing the back office works,” said Cindy Herlin Marta, one of the owners of Coffeesmith.

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  • Venue Passion Media
    17/06/2017 - Eve Tedja 0 Comments
    Dessert Revisited

    PASSION  shows up at the sweet laboratory in Bali and talks to Will Goldfarb and his talented team about Room4Dessert as well as finding out the secret of how to pair sweet dessert with killer cocktail.

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  • Venue Passion Media
    10/06/2017 - Eve Tedja 0 Comments
    A Good Year

    Indonesia’s own winery, Hatten Wines, recently won the much coveted The 2017 Asian Wine Review Winery of the Year award. Proving once and again that grapes flourish on a tropical island, PASSION talks to its innovative founder, Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa, and finds out how Hatten Wines has ripened overtime and thrive against all odds.

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  • 12/08/2017 0 Comments
    Newly appointed Executive Chef, Syaiful Bahri

    Keraton at The Plaza, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Jakarta announces the appointment of Chef Syaiful Bahri as Executive Chef. Born in Jakarta and raised in an original Betawi family, the native ethnicity of Jakarta, he has always been fascinated by the art of culinary which has defined his career.

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  • 04/08/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    4 Biggest Mistakes Made by New Entrepreneurs

    As we all know, we made mistakes as part of learning process. However, some are more fatal for your business than the other.

    Within his vast experience, CRK is a witness to many rise and fall of pastry industries. Sometimes, knowing what to do is easier than knowing what you shouldn’t. Here are the list of 4 biggest mistakes made by new entrepreneurs according to him.

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  • 24/07/2017 - Louis Tanuhadi 0 Comments
    The Outstanding, Yet Humble Chef

    Despite of his outstanding achievements, Otto Tay, one of Malaysia’s most talented young chef stays humble.

    Chef Tay Chee Siang, also known as Otto Tay, is currently one of the most influential lecturer chefs in the Academy of Pastry Art Malaysia. I know him as one of the most talented young chefs in Malaysia. Despite his outstanding achievements in his young age, he stays humble. In fact, Otto was very generous in sharing experiences as well as sharing constructive tricks and criticisms for his students.

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  • 18/07/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    CRK’s Startup Days

    If you’re thinking you’re too old start a business, listen to what Chef Rahmat Kusnedi got to say

    “There’s no such thing as late, it’s more to your capacity. I already have the necessary experience, but starting a business is also about finding the moment, mine just came 4 years ago. How can you tell it was the moment? Because I believed it, my friends also convinced me. I felt I have the criteria to start my own business, and about the detailed plan A or plan B, I could figure it out later as I run the business,” said CRK.

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  • 20/06/2017 - Eve Tedja 0 Comments
    High Fidelity

    This chef and restaurateur behind four of Indonesia’s leading restaurants hardly need an introduction. Renowned for his devotion in pushing the boundary and defining the new Indonesian gastronomy, Mandif Warokka agrees to answer some of our burning questions about his current obsession, love for audiophile, and how a good dessert should be created.

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  • Chef Passion Media
    15/06/2017 - Rian Farisa 0 Comments
    Woro Prabandari: Aspiring Beyond Loyalty

    There’s more to it than just loyalty from the prolific chef Woro Prabandari. For more than two decades now and a title of Executive Pastry Chef at Grand Hyatt Jakarta, the motherly chef shared PASSION the recipe for excellence in career and balancing it with family and pastime.


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  • Chef Passion Media
    09/06/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    “You’re Hot Then You’re Cold”

    Chef  Lorenzo Sollecito used to be hot, until he had an affair with pastry

    The line from Katy Perry’s song describes the transformation of Lorenzo Sollecito perfectly (only that line, don’t continue, please). The Executive Pastry Chef of Four Seasons Jakarta, is probably one of the most interesting figures we’ve met for this issue, mainly for two reasons. The first one, Lorenzo is actually used to be a hot kitchen chef. He even almost became a sous chef in Italy, before he decided to enter the delicate world of pastry. The second reason is the fact that an Italian chef is displaying his rendition of our favorite street snack, Dadar Gulung.

    Between his busy hours in Four Seasons, Lorenzo told us his story from his hometown in Italy, his view about the difference of hot kitchen and pastry, his style, also his unique choice of hobby, squash.

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  • 07/06/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    Entrepreneur’s Challenges

    Here are some thoughts on entrepreneurship from someone who has walked down both employment and entrepreneurship

    There’s a myth in the business world that says, 9 out of 10 businesses failed. Bloomberg is a bit more optimistic by saying 8 out of 10 failed within the first 18 months. Whether you believe it or not, one thing is certain: entrepreneurship promises big profit, but also with greater risk. How can you tell that you have what it takes to be an entreprenur? Chef Rahmat Kusnedi views on this topic might help you decide.

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  • Chef Passion Media
    14/03/2017 - Eve Tedja 0 Comments
    Through the Looking Glass

    Dedy Sutan Supriady is no stranger to competition, as he has been a winner in plenty of international pastry championships.

    His recent role in representing Indonesia on the most prestigious pastry competition in the world, the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2017 in Lyon, was something that he would not forget in a long time. PASSION talks to the busy chef about his career, competitive streak, and the role of photography in his dessert creations.

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    Recipe SERENE (Chocolat Mmileux, and Pistache Cremeux insertion ,, Coconut Sable, Kale Microwave Sponge, Airy Chocolate, Coconut umter fluid gel)

    Chocolat Moelleux :

    250 g Fresh Milk

    25 gSugar

    40 g Egg Yolk

    250 g TULIP Easimelt Aura

    9 g Gelatine ( soak with 30ml cold water)

    350 g Whipping Cream

    Method :

    1. Mix egg yolk with sugar.
    2. Bring the Fresh Milk to boil

    3. Pour in the boiled milk, into the egg mixture , cook to 80o C, untill slightly thickened.
    4. Pour in the soaked gelatin, mix well.
    5. Pour into TULIP Easimelt Aura, mix until all chocolate melts, let cool to room temperature.
    6. Fold in whipped cream which has been whipped to 60 % develop.

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  • 28/07/2017 0 Comments

    Recipe Nuance (Almond tart and Chestnut glazed, chocolate cremeux with apple insertion)

    Sugar Dough :
    200 g Vivo PL 240 L or unsalted butter

    100 g Refined Sugar

    3 g Vanilla Extract
    1 g Egg
    300 g Low protein flour

    Method :
    1. Whisk PL 240 L, refined sugar, and vanilla extract to creamy and pale.
    2. Mix the egg until blended.

    3. Mix low protein flour with low speed until blended

    4. Wrap the dough with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour

    Almond Cream :

    100 g Icing Sugar

    100 g Butter

    100 g Almmond Powder

    100 g  Eggs

    25 g Low protein Flour

    75 g Pastry Cream


    1. Whisk butter, almond powder, and refined sugar until blended.
    2. Put vanilla extract and low protein flour and mix until blended.
    3. Refrigerate in the refrigerator.
    4. Grind and make pie skin as usual.

    Chesnut Glazed :

    250 g Sugar

    500 g Water

    1 ea Vanila Bean

    100 g Chestnut whole frozen


    1. Cook the water and sugar and vanilla bean together until dissolved
    2. Put the chestnut in cook untill tender , strain and reserved

    Finishing :
    1. Roll the sugar dough up to 2mm thickness and put in into 10x30 cm pie pan.
    2. Putthe almond cream arrange the chesnut glazed.
    3. Bake at 180"C for 25-30 minutes or until cooked.
    4. Keep it in room temperature

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    ​Duo Valhrona with Beetroot

    Mascarpone Mousse
    Mascarpone 500gr
    Cream 500gr
    Sugar 200gr
    Yolk 5 pcs
    Gelatine 8 pcs (melted)

    Whipped cream until stiff peak, and set aside
    Add Sabayon Sugar, Yolk and Gelatin
    Add Mascarpone
    Fold into two

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