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  • 09/01/2018 - Aria Sankhyaadi 0 Comments
    [ID] - The Kerinci’s Steak

    Rubrik Reinvent kali ini menampilkan Jon Priadi Barajo, seorang pria kelahiran Kerinci, Jambi yang sempat kuliah dan bekerja di Canberra, Australia, dan sekarang sibuk sebagai konsultan F&B di Jakarta. Pada berbagai kesempatan, ia sering menyajikan menu favorit dari tanah kelahirannya Kerinci yaitu Dendeng Batokok.

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  • 09/01/2018 - Aria Sankhyaadi 0 Comments
    The Kerinci’s Steak

    Jon Priadi Barajo exhibits the traditional Kerinci’s dish through Dendeng Batokok

    The Reinvent Section features Jon Priadi Barajo, a Kerinci, Jambi man who studied and worked in Canberra, Australia, and now acts as F&B consultant in Jakarta. In many occasions, Jon served the favorite menu from his birthplace, Dendeng Batokok.

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  • 09/01/2018 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    [ID] - A Tale of Perseverance

    Francesco Boccia dikenal sebagai konsultan pastry internasional dengan konsep pastry modern yang bisa langsung dikenali lewat karyanya. Lahir dan dibesarkan di keluarga pastry chef, tentu saja perkembangan Boccia lebih cepat dari teman seusianya. Ia mulai bekerja di perusahaan keluarga pada usia 13 sebelum memutuskan untuk sekolah pariwisata dimana ia bertemu dengan pastry chef Italia paling terkemuka. Pada usia 20, ia memenangkan Pastry Cup National pertamanya. Setelah itu, ia memenangkan beragam kompetisi dan penghargaan lain seperti National and World Pastry Team Champion, Pastry Chef of the Year, dan seleksi World Chocolate Masters.

    Di 2015, Francesco Boccia dan timnya, Italia, berhasilkan memenangkan “Coupe du Monde de la Pattisserie” dan meraih skor tertinggi yang pernah tercatat di semua cabang kompetisi, meski sempat mengalami kecelakaan fatal. Di tahun yang sama, ia menjadi member kehormatan AMPI (Accademia Maestri Pascticceri Italiani), sebuah asosiasi pastry chef paling terkemuka di Italia. Chocolate Showpiece selalu menjadi passionnya, namun ia juga menaruh minat khusus pada praline, plated dessert, chocolate dessert, tart, dan semua kreasi pastry. Berikut ini interview eksklusif Passion Media dengan Francesco:

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  • 09/01/2018 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    A Tale of Perseverance

    Francesco Boccia and the Italy team won the 2015 “Coupe du Monde de la Pattisserie” even though part of the chocolate sculpture fell apart, 30 minutes before the competition ended.

    Francesco Boccia is known as international pastry consultant with modern concept of pastry that is instantly recognizable through his creations. Born and raised in the family of pastry chefs, of course Boccia is way ahead compared to his peers. He started working in the family business when he was merely 13 and then moved to vocational training with the most important Italian pastry chefs. And at the age of 20, he won the National Pastry Cup. After that, he won numerous awards such as National and World Pastry Team Champion, Pastry Chef of the Year, the selection of World Chocolate Masters.

    In 2015, Francesco Boccia and his team, Italy, won the “Coupe du Monde de la Pattisserie” and obtained the highest score ever recorded in all the trials of the competition, despite of a fatal accident. In the same year, he became the honorary member of the AMPI (Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani), the most important Italian association of pastry chefs. Chocolate showpieces are his passion but he also put special interest on pralines, plated dessert, chocolate desserts, tarts and all pastry creations. Here’s our exclusive interview with the man:

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  • 09/01/2018 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    [ID] - 3 Things to Consider in Choosing a Consultant

    Belakangan ini bermunculan banyak sekali jasa konsultan di bidang F&B. Ini agak sedikit membingungkan bagi mereka yang ingin menggunakan jasanya, oleh sebab itu, kami bertemu dengan Chef Rahmat Kusnedi (CRK), untuk membicarakan tentang seluk beluk profesi ini. Meski dikenal sebagai Presiden Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA) dan pemilik dari supplier produk bakery & pastry Physalis’s, CRK juga kerap terlibat di berbagai brand sebagai konsultan. Berikut diskusi kami dengan CRK:

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  • 09/01/2018 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    3 Things to Consider in Choosing a Consultant

    Consultant’s presence might greatly help you in building your business. The question is, what sort of consultant?

    Lately, we have many consultant services in F&B industry. It might confuse those who want to use their services, therefore, we met Chef Rahmat Kusnedi (CRK) to discuss about the rising profession. Although he’s been known as the President of Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA) and owner of Physalis’s, supplier of bakery & pastry products, CRK is also involved in various brands as consultant. Here’s our interview with CRK:

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  • 09/01/2018 - Eve Tedja 0 Comments
    A Flavourful Duet

    Bali is in the perfect position to introduce the flavour of Indonesia internationally. PASSION talks to the Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef of The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua to learn about their dedication for Indonesian gastronomy.

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  • 09/01/2018 - Eve Tedja 0 Comments
    [ID] - A Flavourful Duet

    Bali berada di posisi yang tepat untuk mengenalkan cita rasa Indonesia ke dunia internasional. PASSION berbincang dengan Executive Chef dan Executive Sous Chef of The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua untuk menemukan dedikasi mereka terhadap dunia gastronomi Indonesia.

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  • 09/01/2018 - Rian Farisa 0 Comments

    Ditempa dengan pengalaman bertahun-tahun di dapur hotel-hotel berbintang lima dari Indonesia hingga Uni Emirat Arab, Executive Sous Chef Emmanuel Julio dari The Dharmawangsa berbagi cerita mengenai kecintaannya terhadap masakan Indonesia dan usaha mempromosikannya secara modern di kancah internasional.

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  • 09/01/2018 - Rian Farisa 0 Comments

    Seasoned in rigorous kitchens of five-star hotels from Indonesia to as far as UAE, the Executive Sous Chef Emmanuel Julio from The Dharmawangsa shared us a story about his passion with Indonesian cuisine and his modernist effort to promote it internationally. 

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  • 24/11/2017 - Rian Farisa 0 Comments

    For a 26-year-old chef, perhaps only Putri Mumpuni who has seen a lot of actions introducing Indonesian cuisine around the globe through food diplomatic missions. Recently, Putri shared us her adventures and the relentless pursuit of knowledge, now within the world of pastry.

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  • 24/11/2017 - Rian Farisa 0 Comments

    Untuk seorang chef berumur 26 tahun, Putri Mumpuni telah berkelana keliling dunia mempromosikan masakan Indonesia melalui berbagai misi diplomasi kuliner. Baru-baru ini Putri berbagi kisah petualangannya serta keinginan besarnya untuk belajar di bidang pastry.

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  • 24/11/2017 - Eve Tedja 0 Comments
    Young and Dangerous

    Meet Jeremy Blanchet. The executive chef of Pearl, Legian’s best kept French fine dining restaurant secret, divulges his passion for authenticity and immaculate plating.

    Half hidden in the touristic Jalan Arjuna is a culinary pearl that will take one by surprise. Just like its namesake, the restaurant is a gem especially made for lingering dinner and intimate conversation. Dishes after dishes of beautifully plated French classics such as lobster bisque, magret de canard and braised beef with red wine sauces are giving solid reason for its ardent patrons to continue coming back since the restaurant opened 8 years ago.

    Jeremy Blanchet is the power behind this culinary pursuit. Hailed from the south of France, the thirty years old chef found his knack for cooking during his teenage years living in the Carribean Islands. He completed his training under the renowned chef, Thierry Maffre-Bogé who had a one Michelin-starred credential at his restaurant, Le Petite France in Maussane. “I learned about the backbone of French cooking there, from mixing ingredients to making sauces. Sauce is very important for a French dish. It took hours to make them, making stocks and reducing until you have the exact texture and taste that you want,” says Blanchet. 

    That long hours of practice are being put down to good use in the kitchen. Despite the challenges, Blanchet is adamant in creating authentic French flavour in Bali. His deep love for the long tradition can be savoured in every bite while his understanding for the importance of good presentation created a feast for the eye. “Before deconstructing a cuisine, turning them into molecular gastronomy or fusion, I think it is also important for people to taste the original. That’s what I want to achieve here. Traditional recipe with a modern presentation,” claims Blanchet before checking on his sourdough bread in the oven. 

    Pastry and bakery are his other passion. As evident in his current menu, dessert plays a significant role. From the classic chocolate moelleux to a stunning composition of chocolate sphere with raspberry sorbet, caramel sauce and white chocolate emulsion; the desserts are carefully made to complement and create the final lasting impression. Take the Passion Lemon Tart, a refreshingly lighter take than the classic French version. “It is less sweet than the original recipe, fresh with a light filling and a crispy, buttery crust. It is also slightly acidic, a good way to end a rich and flavourful meal,” claims the chef. 

    Despite his strong Provençal root with its signature sun-kissed fresh produces and light seasoning, Blanchet admits to derive his creations from various Gallic regional cuisines. Typically, he would go back to original recipes and choose the one which ingredients are available in Bali and ended up with a new reinterpretation of a dish. Do take note of his name because there will be more exciting creation to come from this talented chef in the future.


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  • 24/11/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    [ID] - 6 Ways to be Steps Ahead in The Kitchen

    Bekerja di dapur merupakan hal yang cukup berat, baik secara mental maupun secara fisik (ini sebabnya lebih banyak pria di industri ini). Konon bidang kuliner dan pastry menjadi pilihan favorit dibandingkan jurusan lain di SMK. Tentu saja persaingan di dapur merupakan hal yang tidak bisa dihindari lagi. Sebagai seseorang yang pernah menjalaninya dari bawah, Chef Rahmat Kusnedi (CRK), Presiden dari Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA), memberikan 6 tips agar Anda bisa memenangkan kompetisi di tempat kerja hingga Anda mencapai posisi tertinggi sebagai Executive Pastry Chef:

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  • 24/11/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    6 Ways to be Steps Ahead in The Kitchen

    The road to become an Executive Pastry Chef is full of competition; Chef Rahmat Kusnedi showed us some tips to be steps ahead.

    Working in the kitchen is tough, both mentally and physicaly (this is why you see more male worker in the industry). It is said that culinary and patisserie are the favorite among other majors in Vocational High Schools. Of course the competition in the kitchen is inevitable. As someone who has walked down the road from scratch, Chef Rahmat Kusnedi (CRK), President of Indonesia pastry Alliance (IPA), gave us 6 tips to win the competition in the workplace so you can be The Executive Pastry that you’ve always dreamed of:

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  • 26/10/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    [ID] - The Trending Celebrities’ Cake Phenomenon

    Segala sesuatu yang mempercepat laju perekonomian merupakan hal yang baik, namun, CRK mengingatkan kita akan bahaya melaju terlalu cepat. Selebritis yang memiliki bisnis sampingan bukanlah hal baru. Namun tren cake selebriti ini tentu akan menjadi perhatian semua orang ketika para mereka melakukannya secara kolektif, dan terutama setelah mengetahui bahwa omset bisnis ini dalam sehari dapat menyamai penjualan satu outlet lain selama sebulan. Chef Rahmat Kusnedi (CRK), Presiden Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA) menjelaskan tentang sejarah kehadiran cake selebriti, berikut dampak positif dan negatif dari tren yang berlangsung secara nasional ini.

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  • 26/10/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    The Trending Celebrities’ Cake Phenomenon

    Anything that accelerates economy is always good, however, CRK warns us the danger of speeding up.

    Celebrities who run side businesses are nothing new. However, the celebrities’ cake trend will catch everyone’s attention when conducted collectively, especially after knowing the fact that the daily sales of this business can reach the monthly sales of other outlets. Chef Rahmat Kusnedi (CRK), The President of Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA) explained the history of the celebrity cake trend, with its positive and negative impacts of this nationwide trend.

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  • 20/10/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments

    Chef Eric Gouteyron menyambut Passion di pastry shop-nya L’Amandine yang berlokasi di Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. Ia bercerita mengenai karirnya yang gemilang selama hampir selama empat dekade serta mengapa ia begitu jatuh cinta dengan Indonesia.

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  • 20/10/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments

    The seasoned French chef Mr Eric Gouteyron welcomed Passion at his boutique pastry shop L’Amandine in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. There he told us about his colorful soon-to-be four decade career as a professional pastry chef and how he fell in love deeply with Indonesia.

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  • 20/10/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    The Complexity of Japanese Cuisine

    When you’re in the industry for some years, it’s as if you have the ability to guess a chef’s personality through his dishes.

    And among the chefs from all around the world, Japanese chefs have special place in my mind, especially in term of the presentation, which mostly exhibits high level of detail with just the beautiful combination of color and texture. It is easy to assume that Japanese chefs are cold-hearted people who are obsessed with perfection. 

    However, after spending some minutes with Masami Okamoto, The Japanese Chef for Keyaki, Sari Pan Pacific’s famous Japanese restaurant, you’ll reveal his warmer and funny side. I mean, just look at his picture. Chef Masami Okamoto shares his experience working in various cities in the world, about Japanese cuisine, the hardships of running a Japanese restaurant, and his love for dogs.

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  • 20/10/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    [ID] - The Complexity of Japanese Cuisine

    Ketika Anda berada di industri ini selama beberapa tahun, seolah-olah Anda mendapatkan kemampuan untuk mengenali kepribadian seorang chef melalui masakan-masakannya. Dan di antara semua chef dari seluruh penjuru dunia, Chef Jepang memiliki tempat khusus di benak saya, terutama dalam hal presentasi, yang biasanya memperlihatkan level detail yang tinggi dengan kombinasi indah dari tekstur dan warna. Mudah bagi saya untuk berasumsi bahwa Chef Jepang adalah orang-orang berhati dingin yang terobsesi dengan kesempurnaan.

    Namun, setelah menghabiskan beberapa menit bersama Masami Okamoto, Japanese Chef Keyaki, restoran Jepang dari Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta yang terkenal, Anda akan mengungkap sisi lainnya yang lebih hangat dan humoris. Maksud saya, lihat saja fotonya. Chef Masami Okamoto menceritakan pengalamannya bekerja di berbagai tempat di dunia, mengenai masakan Jepang, kesulitan dalam menjalankan restoran Jepang, dan kecintaannya pada anjing.

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  • 18/10/2017 - Aria Sankhyaadi 0 Comments
    [ID] - No Rest for The Weary

    Wakil Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA) tidak menunjukkan gejala untuk berhenti, bahkan untuk sekedar bersantai. Pada saat booming hotel di tahun 90an, hampir semua profesi Pastry Chef di hotel bintang 5 didominasi oleh ekspatriat. Tentu saja, ini soal waktu bagi orang Indonesia untuk mendapatkan pengetahuan sehingga layak untuk menggantikan posisi mereka. Chef Tusyadi, Pastry Chef Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center (BSJCC) sekaligus Wakil Presiden Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA), merupakan salah satu generasi pertama orang Indonesia yang berhasil menduduki posisi Pastry Chef di hotel berbintang. 

    Chef Tusyadi terlihat lebih muda dari umurnya, kami bahkan sempat terkejut begitu ia menyebut angka (silahkan tebak sendiri). Setelah melakukan sesi pemotretan produk, ia mengajak kami ke ruangannya dimana ia tidak segan untuk membuatkan teh sendiri meski kami sempat menolak agar tidak merepotkan. “Tidak boleh begitu, ini wajib hukumnya (membuat teh untuk tamu),” katanya bersikeras. Akhirnya kami duduk untuk mendengarkannya bercerita tentang latar belakang, karir, hingga keputusannya untuk tidak libur sehari pun selama setahun belakangan

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  • 18/10/2017 - Aria Sankhyaadi 0 Comments
    No Rest for The Weary

    One of the most senior Pastry Chefs in Indonesia has no sign of stopping any time soon, nor slowing down.

    In the era of hotel boom in the 90’s, almost all of the Pastry Chef positions were held by expatriates. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before the locals gain the knowledge to replace them. Chef Tusyadi, Pastry Chef of Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center (BSJCC), also the Vice President of Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA), is among the first generation of Indonesians to reach the position of Pastry Chef in prestigious hotel.
    Chef Tusyadi appears much younger than his actual age, we even surprised when he mentioned the number (feel free to guess). After the photo session, he escorted us to his room where he didn’t hesitate to make us some cups of tea even though we refuse at first. “I can’t do that, it’s my duty (making tea for guests),” he insisted. We finally sat down to hear his story about his background, career, and his decision not to have any holidays over “The last one year”.

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  • 23/09/2017 - Rian Farisa 0 Comments

    Attarine is undoubtedly among Jakarta’s most creative dining scenes to date. At its helm is Executive Chef Jacob Burrell, a man of many talents who skillfully incorporates different cuisines, techniques, and ingredients that uniquely defines the restaurant’s genre. He shares Passion about himself, the restaurant, and a recipe for you to try.

    Jacob Burrell has always been a curious person, but becoming a professional chef was never his real intention at the beginning. He wanted to become a teacher since his secondary school days - and that’s a noble aspiration that he still holds dearly until now. You can tell from certain angles that he does look like a teacher and he will thank you for the praise - with a big smile.

    He has solid know-how in chemistry and mathematics - the very subjects he wishes to be a teacher of initially. When he received extra credits during his university days, he even took musical theory class. His imposed height came from his fondness of basketball, and he used to coach as well. Not just basketball, but also soccer.

    One day he came to a realization that becoming a chef would be the ultimate test of his skills. Not just because he has some basics in cooking back then, but it could be the answer to his endless curiosity. “Cooking is not just physical. There’s history, science, art, business, creativity, people, and psychology involved. It encompasses everything and I fell in love more and more about it”, according to the chef.

    So why venture too far at the beginning, one might ask. Mr Burrell will simply answer that he likes to learn about everything. But certainly it would be hard to focus on all that, I then ask. “Yes, but by becoming a chef - it keeps me locked in, excited, and ready to come to work the next day. It’s not boring, I’m still learning, and yet I know absolutely nothing”, replies the chef modestly.

    With his man bun and a casual outfit behind the apron, his relaxed manner and inventive creations have won the hearts of many at Attarine. He drew his experience mostly from the stints back with Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant in California, where he also learned a lot about pastry and mastering the wood-fired oven, and working for the three-Michelin starred restaurant Manresa under Chef David Kinch himself.

    Our visit to Attarine coincides with the unveiling of the latest menu lineup. The opener started with Market Ceviche that features fresh catch of the day and the use of turmeric for the lime juice. Very refreshing and certainly appetizing. There’s also a stroke of genius found on jackfruit on sourdough toast. Sweet and pleasantly familiar, this one easily dominates the appetizer section.

    For the main course, there’s the BBQ whole squid which was done immaculately and it sits over a bed of what one would call as “sambal ijo” and paired curiously with crispy baby pototoes. The clincher came from six hours long braised short ribs with oyster sauce and shiitake mushrooms. Suddenly it’s Chinese now and how wonderful could that be!

    So come and converse with the chef, ask for his recommendations, and have the starters and the mains together for everyone. You’ll find that an adventure across the world awaits you here. Back home, don’t forget to try the recipe for Market Ceviche, courtesy of the chef himself.

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  • 11/09/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    [ID] The Rise of Indonesian Cuisine

    Angka tersebut bersumber dari Aprindo (Asosiasi Pengusaha Retail Indonesia). Lebih parah lagi, kita juga menyaksikan pemberitaan mengenai turunnya daya beli masyarakat pada Lebaran lalu dan penutupan seluruh gerai Seven Eleven di Indonesia pada akhir Juni 2017. Meski fakta ini terdengar mengerikan, kami merasa harus memverifikasi data ini pada seseorang yang kompeten untuk menerjemahkannya. Seseorang seperti Stefu Santoso, Executive Chef Amuz Gourmet Restaurant sekaligus Presiden ACP (Association of Culinary Professionals).

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  • 11/09/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    The Rise of Indonesian Cuisine

    In May 2017, Indonesian retail’s sales have dropped by 35-40% compared to 2016. We ask Stefu Santoso the question you’ve been wondering: “should we worry now?”

    Those number came from Aprindo (The Indonesian Retailers Association). To make it worse, we have seen many news about the consumer’s declining buying power in the previous Ied. Seven Eleven even closed down the business in Indonesia by the end of June 2017.While those facts seems discouraging to many, we felt the urge to verify the data with someone competent to interpret them. Someone like Stefu Santoso, The Executive Chef of Aprez Catering and The President of Indonesia’s ACP (Association of Culinary Professionals).

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  • 09/09/2017 - Aria Sankhyaadi 0 Comments
    [ID] - Fun Molecular Dining

    Jika Anda ingin sensasi dining yang benar-benar unik, datanglah ke Namaaz. Agak sulit memang menjelaskan konsepnya, namun Namaaz seperti gabungan dari masakan Indonesia, konsep fine dining, kenangan masa kecil, pertunjukkan sulap, laboratorium, dan aplikasi gastronomi molekular, semuanya terangkum di sebuah tempat yang cukup privat dengan lebih dari 15 course menu. Passion menginterview orang di belakang konsep unik Namaaz, Andrian Ishak dan berbicara mengenai filosofi, pendekatan, dan pengaruhnya. Temukan juga alasan mengapa orang yang disebut sebagai “chef gastronomi molekular pertama di Indonesia” ini justru tidak begitu setuju dengan label “gastronomi molekular” untuk Namaaz.

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  • 09/09/2017 - Aria Sankhyaadi 0 Comments
    Fun Molecular Dining

    Andrian Ishak presents culture, art, technology, science and magic on a plate, and he called it Indonesian Progressive Cooking.

    If you want a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience, go to Namaaz. It’s hard to describe the concept, but it’s like the combination of Indonesian food, fine dining concept, childhood memories, magic show, science lab and the application of molecular gastronomy, all wrapped up in a private place with over 15 courses. Passion interviews the man behind the unique concept of Namaaz, Andrian Ishak about his philosophy, approach, influences. Also find out why the man who was often referred as “the first molecular gastronomy chef in Indonesia” doesn’t really agree with the label “molecular gastronomy” for Namaaz.

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  • 08/09/2017 - Louis Tanuhadi 0 Comments
    The Asia’s Chocolate Prince

    Lawrence Cheong won “The Best Chocolate Showpiece” in 2015’s Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, but he didn’t consider it as his greatest achievement.

    During the past few years, Asia’s pastry industry has been praised for its vast growth. Some of the commonly known countries which contribute to the hype are Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. However, in 2015’s Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in France, Malaysia hit the spotlight because of its young Pastry Chef, Lawrence Cheong Jun Bo won “The Best Chocolate Showpiece” and got the world rank no. 4. Here’s Passion Media’s exclusive interview with the man who has been renowned as “Asia’s Chocolate Prince”:

    Could you briefly outline your career to date?

    Well, I joined this industry in 2007 when I was 23. I have experienced 4 to 5 star hotels from the position of commis 3 to Pastry Chef assistant. It took me 4 years to reach management level. I’m now an Executive Pastry Chef of my present company renowned Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia.

    Why did you choose pastry? How was the industry situation back then?
    Honestly, I did not choose this career, my first thought was to become a designer. My mom chose this for me, she made a choice when she realized that I become uncontrollable after high school. After studied 2 years in Taiwan and then jobless in few months, she made her first move which is drove me to the first hotel to get a job interview as a commis 3.
    In the past, the industry situation was totally different compared to today. Now people are willing to spend more for better food and healthier food, which is really good for us. It gives more job opportunities and it levels up the entire market. Plus, nowadays social media giving us a good connection to communicate and sharing ideas with other amazing chefs.

    What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

    The most unforgettable award is “The Best Chocolate Showpiece 2015” in Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie. I got the world rank no.4, and that makes people named me “Asia’s Chocolate Prince”. But for my personal achievement, it would be the acknowledgment of my wife and my family, especially my dad. My wife and families are all designer members, they have great senses of art and judgment, and they’re all reached very high positions in one of the most famous interior design company in the world. To get acknowledgment from them is really something. Today, I’m happy that they feel proud of me, my dad even put the photo of my gold winning showpiece as his Whatsapp’s profile picture.

    One of the most common complaints about modern pastry products, is that they don’t taste as good as they look. How do you find the balance between the taste and the presentation?
    I agree. The social media is getting stronger, people got followers and likes through uploaded pictures. This will indirectly cause the chefs to focus on the wrong direction, they won’t spend effort on the correct cooking way and the taste balancing plus texture. It should be the flavor and texture first, then we design the outlook of the pastries. I always agree with the classic cooking method, I prefer develop new pastries from classic cooking method but present it in a modern way.

    If you have to choose between sugar and chocolate (showpiece) to work with, which one will it be?

    Actually, I started with sugar. When I moved to a new company, they don’t have sugar equipments so I have to do chocolate. Slowly, I prefer to work with chocolate, I also like the color of chocolate. Sugar can make something gentler and it has better flow, meanwhile chocolate work is more solid and the color is more real.

    Who’s your favorite pastry chef? How do you describe his/her work?
    MOF (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France) Jean Francios Arnaud, he is one of the most humble chef I’ve met in my life. He lets me understand the real passion of the chef. He has his own style of making pastries, it’s not too fancy, but practical and up to date. He is very good in taste and texture balancing.

    You’ve been a lecturer for some years. Based on your experience, what’s the most difficult thing to teach to students?
    For me, the most difficult thing to teach a student is how to be a chef instead of teaching skill and product. Most of the students came here and learn but they never appreciate how the pastry came from, how much effort the chefs have spent. They don’t understand the duty of being a chef. School fees can buy skill and knowledge, but it can’t buy the characteristic of a chef.

    Some pastry chefs I’ve known secretly admitted don’t eat lot of pastry products when they eat out. How about you?
    I will try pastry products all the time. Whether it’s premium or low cost, I like the ones that are made with soul and effort, not those which sickening sweetness and synthetic essence.


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  • 12/08/2017 0 Comments
    Newly appointed Executive Chef, Syaiful Bahri

    Keraton at The Plaza, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Jakarta announces the appointment of Chef Syaiful Bahri as Executive Chef. Born in Jakarta and raised in an original Betawi family, the native ethnicity of Jakarta, he has always been fascinated by the art of culinary which has defined his career.

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  • 04/08/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    4 Biggest Mistakes Made by New Entrepreneurs

    As we all know, we made mistakes as part of learning process. However, some are more fatal for your business than the other.

    Within his vast experience, CRK is a witness to many rise and fall of pastry industries. Sometimes, knowing what to do is easier than knowing what you shouldn’t. Here are the list of 4 biggest mistakes made by new entrepreneurs according to him.

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  • 24/07/2017 - Louis Tanuhadi 0 Comments
    The Outstanding, Yet Humble Chef

    Despite of his outstanding achievements, Otto Tay, one of Malaysia’s most talented young chef stays humble.

    Chef Tay Chee Siang, also known as Otto Tay, is currently one of the most influential lecturer chefs in the Academy of Pastry Art Malaysia. I know him as one of the most talented young chefs in Malaysia. Despite his outstanding achievements in his young age, he stays humble. In fact, Otto was very generous in sharing experiences as well as sharing constructive tricks and criticisms for his students.

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  • 18/07/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    CRK’s Startup Days

    If you’re thinking you’re too old start a business, listen to what Chef Rahmat Kusnedi got to say

    “There’s no such thing as late, it’s more to your capacity. I already have the necessary experience, but starting a business is also about finding the moment, mine just came 4 years ago. How can you tell it was the moment? Because I believed it, my friends also convinced me. I felt I have the criteria to start my own business, and about the detailed plan A or plan B, I could figure it out later as I run the business,” said CRK.

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  • 20/06/2017 - Eve Tedja 0 Comments
    High Fidelity

    This chef and restaurateur behind four of Indonesia’s leading restaurants hardly need an introduction. Renowned for his devotion in pushing the boundary and defining the new Indonesian gastronomy, Mandif Warokka agrees to answer some of our burning questions about his current obsession, love for audiophile, and how a good dessert should be created.

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  • Chef Passion Media
    15/06/2017 - Rian Farisa 0 Comments
    Woro Prabandari: Aspiring Beyond Loyalty

    There’s more to it than just loyalty from the prolific chef Woro Prabandari. For more than two decades now and a title of Executive Pastry Chef at Grand Hyatt Jakarta, the motherly chef shared PASSION the recipe for excellence in career and balancing it with family and pastime.


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  • Chef Passion Media
    09/06/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    “You’re Hot Then You’re Cold”

    Chef  Lorenzo Sollecito used to be hot, until he had an affair with pastry

    The line from Katy Perry’s song describes the transformation of Lorenzo Sollecito perfectly (only that line, don’t continue, please). The Executive Pastry Chef of Four Seasons Jakarta, is probably one of the most interesting figures we’ve met for this issue, mainly for two reasons. The first one, Lorenzo is actually used to be a hot kitchen chef. He even almost became a sous chef in Italy, before he decided to enter the delicate world of pastry. The second reason is the fact that an Italian chef is displaying his rendition of our favorite street snack, Dadar Gulung.

    Between his busy hours in Four Seasons, Lorenzo told us his story from his hometown in Italy, his view about the difference of hot kitchen and pastry, his style, also his unique choice of hobby, squash.

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  • 07/06/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    Entrepreneur’s Challenges

    Here are some thoughts on entrepreneurship from someone who has walked down both employment and entrepreneurship

    There’s a myth in the business world that says, 9 out of 10 businesses failed. Bloomberg is a bit more optimistic by saying 8 out of 10 failed within the first 18 months. Whether you believe it or not, one thing is certain: entrepreneurship promises big profit, but also with greater risk. How can you tell that you have what it takes to be an entreprenur? Chef Rahmat Kusnedi views on this topic might help you decide.

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  • Chef Passion Media
    14/03/2017 - Eve Tedja 0 Comments
    Through the Looking Glass

    Dedy Sutan Supriady is no stranger to competition, as he has been a winner in plenty of international pastry championships.

    His recent role in representing Indonesia on the most prestigious pastry competition in the world, the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2017 in Lyon, was something that he would not forget in a long time. PASSION talks to the busy chef about his career, competitive streak, and the role of photography in his dessert creations.

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  • Chef Passion Media
    14/03/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    Mental Revolution 3: Hard Feelings

    What happened in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen

    One of Rahmat’s concerns about the kitchen staffs’ attitude would be on how we handle hard feelings. After all, we are living in Asia, along with the eastern tradition. Actually, it is one of the most common westerners’ complaints about Asian staffs; they tend to take things personally.

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  • Chef Passion Media
    14/03/2017 - Louis Tanuhadi 0 Comments
    Geometrical Pastry

    Architecture and Pastry were having an affair, and then they gave birth to Dinara Kasko.

    Even if you never know her name, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen her works, especially if you’re active on Instagram. In fact, Dinara Kasko’s exceptional design has grabbed the attention of the world’s leading pastry magazine, So Good. When they put her cake as the magazine’s cover last year, the young Ukrainian pastry chef became instant celebrity. 

    Kasko’s unique product’s concept is the result of her diverse backgrounds as architect-designer, 3D visualizer, and photographer. However, it was pastry that becomes her biggest interest, made her name known throughout the world and influence new generations of pastry chefs, along with her obsession of black, white and red. In this exclusive interview with Passion Magazine, Dinara shared her story and future plans.

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  • Chef Passion Media
    14/03/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    Mental Revolution 2: Managerial Skills

    A pastry chef is not all about making good pastry products

    It is important to notice that a pastry chef is a manager, a leader with managerial skills. Pastry is not all about making good, delicious, best-selling products. “I’ve met pastry chefs who return from Dubai, Maldives, etc, who are great at making products, showpieces, but lacking in managerial skills, such as calculating food cost. Let say they know the food cost is 35%? Do they know why we come up with the number? What is the ideal food cost?” said Chef Rahmat Kusnedi.

    Pastry chefs also must be able to set budget for his department, from how to count manning (the number of people needed in the kitchen), how many shifts do we need, to calculating the overhead cost. The most interesting part is to retain the staffs and managing conflicts in the kitchen. “Handling conflict is easy for me, because basically, everyone wants to be appreciated, regardless of their backgrounds,” Rahmat said.

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  • Chef Passion Media
    03/03/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    Start Me Up

    Starting up isn’t easy, but Farid Al Farouk isn’t a fan of easy ways

    Farid Al Farouk was a graphic designer, a bassist, and now he’s Fairmont Hotel’s Pastry Chef whose talent is recognized by the President of Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA) Chef Rahmat Kusnedi, and Pipiltin & Anomali Coffee owner, Irvan Helmi. Chef Farid gives us one more reason to believe that looks can be deceiving, despite of his convincing appearance as punk rock band member (along with his cool name), the chef is actually a fan of pastries with neat and sleek design. It’s a story of Farid’s childhood, background influence, also his experience working in Middle East and China to hone his craft.

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  • Chef Passion Media
    03/03/2017 - Rian Farisa 0 Comments
    Expert View

    Talking Trends With Joy

    A life without chocolate is a life without joy. Jose Pelo or known by his friends as Joy, is a well-known chocolatier, patissier, and a food business consultant. 

    Today, he is sharing his two cents about the Indonesian food trends in 2017.

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  • Chef Passion Media
    02/03/2017 - Edwin Pangestu 0 Comments
    Mental Revolution 1: Instant Gratification

    Chef Rahmat Kusnedi believes that it takes more than honesty, discipline, and creativity to become an established pastry chef

    Rahmat Kusnedi’s career might invite admiration, inspiration, also envy from any pastry chefs. He has worked abroad in France, America, Renaissance Cruise Line, before he went back to Indonesia to work in the hotels such as Sari Pan Pacific, Four Seasons, Borobudur, and then moved to the industry in Bread Life. 

    Now, he’s the Managing Director of Physalis’s, a company which supplies bakery & pastry products, also the President of Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA).

    According to Rahmat, it takes more than ability to make great products to get in his position now. “In the world of pastry, basically you need only three things to be an established pastry chef: honesty, discipline, and creativity,” he said. However, he’s currently concerned about his successors’ mental state that, in his words, needs “mental revolution”. In general, there are three major issues which often seen in future pastry chefs: they want instant gratification, lack of managerial skills, and keeping hard feelings.

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  • 11/01/2018 - Chef of Tulip 0 Comments

    (Raspberry jelly & Earl grey tea Pannacota , Milk chocolate cremeux with Almond Dacquoise,Crunchy rice crispy)

    Bahan Almond Dacquoise :
    150 g Almond powder
    50 g Terigu protein rendah
    420 g Putih telur
    300 g Gula pasir
    50 g Unsalted butter
    5 g Cream of tar-tar

    Cara Membuat:

    1. Kocok putih telur, gula pasir dan cream of tar-tar hingga kaku campurkan semua bahan kering dan tambahkan juga kedalamnya unsalted butter yang telah dilelehkan
    2. Ratakan dalam Loyang ukuran 60x40 cm yang telah dialasi dengan silpat atau kertas silicon, panggang 200ºC, selama 15 menit

    Bahan Crunchy Rice Crispy :
    200 g TULIP Easimelt Aura 65%
    50 g TULIP Cocoa Butter
    250 g Kellogs Rice Crispy

    Cara membuat :
    1.Lelehkan TULIP Easimelt Aura 65%&TULIP Cocoa Butter, campurkanKellogs Rice Crispy kedalamnya
    2. Cetak crunchy base, sesuaikan dengan bentuk cetakan

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  • 11/01/2018 0 Comments
    Whirling Pistachio

    [Pistachio cremeux, Cherry chocolate insertion and Pistachio tart]

    Pistachio tart :
    260 g Butter unsalted
    150 g Gula halus
    150 g Pistachio powder
    50 g Pistachio paste
    1 Btr Telur

    1 Btr Kuning telur
    400 g Tergu protein rendah

    Cara membuat :
    1. Kocok unsalted butter, gula halus pistachio powder, pistachio paste.
    2. Tambahkan telur.
    3. Masukan kedalamnya terigu protein rendah, lalu dinginkan.
    4. Giling dg ketebalan 1 cm , potong dengan cookie cutter lalu panggang dengan suhu 180 C selama 15 menit.

    Pistachio cremeux :
    90 g Susu UHT
    225 g Whipping Cream
    2 g Vanilla pods
    25 g Pistachio paste
    90 g Kuning Telur
    75 g Gula pasir
    11 g Gelatine bubuk [rendam dalam air dingin]

    Cara membuat :
    Masak hingga mendidih , Vanilla pod , Pistachio paste,Krim kental Whipping cream dan Susu UHT hingga mendidih , kocok lepas kuning telur dan gula pasir tuangkan rebuasan diatas kedalam kuning telur , masak kembali hingga suhu 80 C , Tambahkan gelatine kedalamnya , Tuangkan dalam cetakan silicone lalu bekukan .

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  • 11/01/2018 - Jon Priadi 0 Comments

    Bahan-bahan dasar

    500 grm Daging sapi hash dalam
    500 ml Air kelapa
    1 sdm Jahe (dihaluskan)
    1 sdm Ketumbar (dihaluskan)

    Bahan-Bahan untuk bumbu halus
    1 sdm Ketumbar
    ½ sdm Jintan
    ½ sdm Merica
    1 sdm Lengkuas
    1 sdm Jahe
    1 sdm Serai
    5 siung Bawang Putih
    6 siung Bawang Merah
    2 sdm Air larutan dari asam kandis
    2 sdm Sangrai kelapa
    Garam dan gula secukupnya
    2 sdm Minyak Kelapa untuk sangrai/goreng bumbu

    Bahan-bahan untuk sambal hijau
    2 kemiri (sangrai)
    5 buah Cabe hijau keriting
    7 buah Cabe hijau besar
    3 siung Bawang Merah
    5 siung Bawah Putih
    1 sdk teh Ketumbar (halus)
    ½ sdk teh Lada
    Garam & gula secukupnya
    Minyak kelapa (untuk sangrai/goreng sambal)

    Bahan-bahan Spices Kenari Puree
    50 grm Kenari (disangrai)
    2 buah Bawang putih
    2 cabe besar (tanpa Biji)
    1 cabe keriting
    2 sdm kelapa
    ½ sdk the Lada hitam
    ½ gelas air bersih
    garam secukup nya

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  • 11/01/2018 - Emmanuel Julio 0 Comments
    ​Norwegian Salmon and Yellowfin Tuna

    Lime leaf, beetroot cured, salmon caviar and warm “Tuturuga“ sauce

    For 4 portions

    160 gr salmon fillet, skin off
    150 gr yellowfin tuna, fillet
    Optional caviar and tobiko

    For Salmon:
    1 pcs fresh beetroot, peeled, put in juice extractor and make jus, strained
    200 gr white sugar
    75 gr salt
    10 gr lime leaf, finely chopped
    20 gr fresh ginger, sliced
    2 pcs lemongrass

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  • 11/01/2018 - Chef The Laguna 0 Comments
    Angus Tenderloin “Rendang”


    220 grams 200+ days grain fed stockyard Angus tenderloin
    20 grams spring onion potatoes
    5 grams crispy dried beef “Dendeng”
    2 grams baby carrot
    2 grams asparagus
    1 teaspoon black rice crunchy for garnish

    For Rendang Paste
    100 ml thick coconut milk
    2 kaffir lime leaves
    1 bay leaf (Salam leave)
    2 lemon grass, crushed
    1 inch galangal, peeled and crushed
    1 pcs ‘asam kandis’

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  • 24/11/2017 0 Comments
    Cheuf benedict Prosscioutto


    Thick brioche 1 slice
    Poach egg 2 pcs
    Prosciutto (thin slice) 35 gr
    Micro greens for garnish
    Black pepper for garnish

    Hollandaise sauce
    clarified butter 200 ml
    egg yolk 60 gr (3 pcs)
    lemon juice 20 gr
    salt and pepper to taste

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  • 24/11/2017 0 Comments
    Passion Lemon Tart


    250g flour
    125g butter
    100g sugar
    50ml water
    2pcs egg yolks
    5g salt

    100ml lemon juice
    50ml passion fruit puree
    4 eggs
    250g sugar
    1 lemon zest
    200g butter

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  • 28/10/2017 - Chef Budi Lee 0 Comments
    Soto Tauto

    Red paste

    Ingredients :

    60 gr shallot
    20 gr garlic
    10 gr ginger
    10 gr candlenut
    100 gr curly red chilly
    50 gr oil

    Method :
    Blend into fine paste

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  • 28/10/2017 0 Comments
    Deep Fried Pacific Saury Fish Autumn Style


    Saury fish (SANAM) 1 pce/280 gr
    Shiso leaf 1 pce
    Ume Japanese plum 1 pce
    Flour As Needed
    Carrot 15 grm x 3 pcs
    Pumpkin 15 grm x 2 pcs
    Lutos root 2 gr x 2pcs
    Sweet corn 60 gr
    Fresh ginkgo nuts 3 pcs
    Chestnut Japan:
       Grilled 3 pcs
       Deep fry 2 pcs

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  • 06/10/2017 0 Comments
    Soto Tauto

    Red paste

    Ingredients :
    60 gr shallot
    20 gr garlic
    10 gr ginger
    10 gr candlenut
    100 gr curly red chilly
    50 gr oil

    Method :
    Blend into fine paste

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  • 27/09/2017 0 Comments
    Wave [Coconut Sponge – Basil Mango Jelly – Dark Chocolate Cremeux ]

    Wave [Coconut Sponge – Basil Mango Jelly – Dark Chocolate Cremeux ] by Chef Fararine

    Coconut Sponge:
    2 ea Telur
    150 g Gula pasir
    122 g kelapa parut kering

    Cara membuat:
    1. Kocok telur dan gula pasir menggunakan balloon whisk, dan dihangatkan dengan bain marie hingga hangat.
    2. Kocok dengan menggunakan mixer sampai mengembang 2x volume.
    3. Campurkan dengan kelapa parut kering.
    4. Ratakan kedalam 2 buah loyang 10 x 30 cm .
    5. Panggang dengan suhu 180oC selama ±15 menit.

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  • 25/09/2017 0 Comments
    Caramel Barb Wire by Chef Irwan

    Caramel Barb Wire by Chef Irwan

    Pain de gene:

    60 g Almond powder
    29 g Gula halus
    32 g Terigu protein rendah
    50 g Gula pasir
    3 ea Putih telur
    57 g Unsalted Butter

    Cara Membuat:
    1. Panaskan Unsalted butter hingga berwarna kecoklatan, biarkan dingin.
    2. Campurkan dan saring bersama – sama Almond powder, gula halus, dan terigu protein rendah.
    3. Tambahkan gula pasir dan putih telur, aduk rata.
    4. Masukkan unsalted butter yang telah dipanaskan, aduk rata.
    5. Tuangkan kedalam loyang ukuran 10 x 30 cm, dan panggang dengan suhu 180oC selama 20-25 menit.

    Dark Almond Crunchy Base:
    200 g Tulip Easimelt AURA
    50 g Tulip Cocoa Butter
    250 g Roasted Almond Slice

    Cara membuat :
    1. Lelehkan TULIP Easimelt AURA dan TULIP Cocoa Butter, campurkan dengan roasted almond slice yang telah dihancurkan.
    2. lalu tuangkan diantara 2 lembar kertas roti, lalu giling hingga tipis, dinginkan dan potong sesuai ukuran cake.

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  • 12/09/2017 0 Comments

    Bahan - bahan :

    - chocolate sponge
    - Mango mousse
    - mango jelly

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  • 29/07/2017 0 Comments

    Recipe SERENE (Chocolat Mmileux, and Pistache Cremeux insertion ,, Coconut Sable, Kale Microwave Sponge, Airy Chocolate, Coconut umter fluid gel)

    Chocolat Moelleux :

    250 g Fresh Milk

    25 gSugar

    40 g Egg Yolk

    250 g TULIP Easimelt Aura

    9 g Gelatine ( soak with 30ml cold water)

    350 g Whipping Cream

    Method :

    1. Mix egg yolk with sugar.
    2. Bring the Fresh Milk to boil

    3. Pour in the boiled milk, into the egg mixture , cook to 80o C, untill slightly thickened.
    4. Pour in the soaked gelatin, mix well.
    5. Pour into TULIP Easimelt Aura, mix until all chocolate melts, let cool to room temperature.
    6. Fold in whipped cream which has been whipped to 60 % develop.

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  • 28/07/2017 0 Comments

    Recipe Nuance (Almond tart and Chestnut glazed, chocolate cremeux with apple insertion)

    Sugar Dough :
    200 g Vivo PL 240 L or unsalted butter

    100 g Refined Sugar

    3 g Vanilla Extract
    1 g Egg
    300 g Low protein flour

    Method :
    1. Whisk PL 240 L, refined sugar, and vanilla extract to creamy and pale.
    2. Mix the egg until blended.

    3. Mix low protein flour with low speed until blended

    4. Wrap the dough with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour

    Almond Cream :

    100 g Icing Sugar

    100 g Butter

    100 g Almmond Powder

    100 g  Eggs

    25 g Low protein Flour

    75 g Pastry Cream


    1. Whisk butter, almond powder, and refined sugar until blended.
    2. Put vanilla extract and low protein flour and mix until blended.
    3. Refrigerate in the refrigerator.
    4. Grind and make pie skin as usual.

    Chesnut Glazed :

    250 g Sugar

    500 g Water

    1 ea Vanila Bean

    100 g Chestnut whole frozen


    1. Cook the water and sugar and vanilla bean together until dissolved
    2. Put the chestnut in cook untill tender , strain and reserved

    Finishing :
    1. Roll the sugar dough up to 2mm thickness and put in into 10x30 cm pie pan.
    2. Putthe almond cream arrange the chesnut glazed.
    3. Bake at 180"C for 25-30 minutes or until cooked.
    4. Keep it in room temperature

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  • 06/07/2017 0 Comments
    ​Duo Valhrona with Beetroot

    Mascarpone Mousse
    Mascarpone 500gr
    Cream 500gr
    Sugar 200gr
    Yolk 5 pcs
    Gelatine 8 pcs (melted)

    Whipped cream until stiff peak, and set aside
    Add Sabayon Sugar, Yolk and Gelatin
    Add Mascarpone
    Fold into two

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  • Recipe Passion Magazine
    16/06/2017 0 Comments
    Es Pisang Hijau

    When challenged to create a modern Indonesian take on dessert, Chef Woro was not hesitated when she chose Southern Sulawesi’s pride and joy - es pisang hijau. Her contemporary take for this dessert is to create the klepon-based sphere that contains the banana itself. Rather than the usual banana-shaped klepon, she chose the sphere shape as a more elegant approach for the street dessert.

    Chef Woro also shaped the bubur sumsum into noodles, creating a nest to put the sphere in place. Additionally, she added dots of sweet frambozen syrup as an important representation of the much-loved syrup from the traditional version. To give the extra crunchiness, there are banana biscuts - crushed and spread all over the plate.

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  • Recipe Passion Media
    14/06/2017 0 Comments
    Indonesian Stone

    1. Coconut Pandan Sable

    Flour 3550 gr
    Coconut grated 350 gr
    Salt 7 gr
    Sugar 1250 gr
    Butter 2350 gr
    Vanilla Essence 10 gr
    Yolk 200 gr
    Pandan essence q.b gr

    To assemble/finisch:
    - Mix all of ingredients.

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  • Recipe Passion Media
    03/03/2017 0 Comments
    ​70% Tabanan Bali Chocolate

    Chocolate marquise, fudge brownies, spiced chocolate cremeux, chocolate mousse, ice cream


    Chocolate Marquise:
    100 gr 70% Tabanan Bali Chocolate Pipiltin
    80 gr Unsalted Butter, Melted
    34 gr Eggs Whole
    17 gr Eggs Whole
    100 gr Whole Wheat Biscuit
    25 gr Almond Slice, Baked
    25 gr East Bali Cashew Nut, Baked

    Cashew Nut Coating:
    38 gr 70% Tabanan Bali Chocolate Pilpitin, Melted
    65 gr Cocoa Butter, Melted
    25 gr East Bali Cashew Nut, Baked and Chopped

    Spiced Chocolate Cremeux:
    125 gr Heavy Cream 35%, Anchor
    10 gr Anchor Milk
    25 gr Granulated Sugar
    88 gr Dark Chocolate Couverture 64%
    2 pcs Star Anise
    2 gr Sechuan Pepper
    1 gr Vanilla Stick
    25 gr Egg Yolk
    13 gr Granulated Sugar
    2 gr Gelatin

    Chocolate Mousse:
    54 gr Sugar Syrup B40
    40 gr Egg Yolks
    40 gr Whole Egg
    134 gr 70% Tabanan Bali Chocolate Pilpitin
    234 gr Heavy Cream 35%, Soft Whipped
    6 gr Gelatin Leave

    Chocolate Coating:

    38 gr 70% Tabanan Bali Chocolate Pilpitin
    65 gr Cocoa Butter, Melted

    Fudge Brownies:
    40 gr 70% Tabanan Bali Chocolate Pilpitin, Melted
    18 gr Unsalted Butter
    25 gr Egg Whole
    26 gr Brown Sugar
    23 gr Pastry Flour
    3 gr Baking Powder
    8 gr Cocoa Powder
    26 gr 70% Tabanan Bali Chocolate Pilpitin

    Chocolate Cinnamon Ice Cream:
    375 gr Fresh Milk Full Cream
    125 gr Heavy Cream 35%
    125 gr 70% Tabanan Bali Chocolate Pilpitin
    125 gr Castor Sugar
    25 gr Glucose Syrup
    100 gr Egg Yolks
    10 gr Cinnamon Stick

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  • Recipe Passion Media
    03/03/2017 0 Comments
    Walk In the Forest

    Vanilla, Tabanan 70%, Cherry, Brownie


    White Chocolate Bavarois:
    420 gr Heavy Cream 35%
    420 gr UHT Milk
    2 pc Vanilla Stick
    205 gr Egg Yolk
    24 gr Gelatin Sheet
    840 gr Heavy Cream 35%
    147 gr Refine Sugar

    Bitter Chocolate Cremeux:
    250 gr Heavy Cream 35%
    20 gr UHT Milk
    50 gr Refine Sugar
    176 gr Dark Chocolate 70%
    2 pc Vanilla Stick
    50 gr Egg Yolk
    26 gr Refine Sugar
    3 gr Gelatin

    Compressed Amarena Cherry:
    75 gr H2O
    95 gr Amarena Syrup
    25 Pcs Amarena Cherry
    25 Pcs Morelo Cherry
    1 pc Vanilla Stick
    5 pc Anise Star
    1 pc Cinnamon Stick
    1 pc Rose Marry
    3 gr Salt

    Pistachio Butter Sponge:
    275 gr Unsalted Butter
    50 gr Pistachio Paste
    300 gr Icing Sugar
    300 gr Whole Egg
    190 gr Cake Flour
    20 gr Pistachio Chopped
    2 gr Salt
    4 gr Baking Powder

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