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Rian Farisa

By refusing to accept his fate as a bored banker, Rian become a full-fledged writer by sharing his foodie's life account in a blog. Within a year, Rian started to enjoy his life as food writer for lifestyle magazines, in-flight magazines, newspaper, and occasionally as a food correspondent for national TV station. Rian finally embraced his other life as his main job since 2012 and currently enjoying his stature as a full time writer and researcher.

Louis Tanuhadi
A chocolate observer, writer, and connoisseur. Louis is responsible in developing the business of The Embassy of Chocolate in Asia Pacific, as a secretary general of Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA), also actively involved in government bureaucracy to develop Indonesia’s cacao and chocolate.

FX Felly

 FX FellyA self-proclaimed homo hominulis, a creature who loves to write just about anything, from fiction to non fiction, drama script to movie script. With over 20 years of experience in the industry as journalist from lifestyle tabloid, infotainment editor, managing editor of online lifestyle and food magazine. Along with writing, food photography is one of the things that keep his cash flow intact. Word and chocolate are his sources of happiness.

Heri Obrink

Hailing from Bandung, Photographer Heri Obrink has a passion for food photography. When not capturing candid kitchen moments he also takes wedding photo, event and shoots commercial videos. Check out his work at

Billianto Bagus

Billianto BagusPalembang-born Bali native who happens to be a bit of many things; from football enthusiast, avid video gamer, part-time bass-player to full-fledged freelance writer. Work-wise, Billy loves to communicate with others and resourcefully learn new stuffs on-the-go. Writing is one of his ways to express his opinion about certain things and share it as information to the readers. He loves food, and still hopes that the feeling would be mutual; one way or another.