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Kaum, which means “clan” or “tribe” in Bahasa Indonesia, pays tribute to the more than 600 ethnic groups that make up Indonesia. The culinary collective behind Kaum, Potato Head Family CEO Ronald Akili, Kaum Brand Director Lisa Virgiano and Executive Chef Antoine Audran, explored the vast islands of Indonesia and worked closely with remote tribal communities and independent local producers in its quest to develop Kaum’s menu and discover Indonesia’s rare and almost-forgotten ingredients and cooking techniques.

Kaum was first introduced in Hong Kong in May 2016, and has been included in the prestigious “Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2017”. In March 2017, Kaum Hong Kong took part in the acclaimed “Taste of Hong Kong” dining event alongside Michelin-starred restaurants. It was the only Indonesian cuisine participant, reiterating its international culinary mission to introduce the country’s rich and diverse flavours to a global audience.

Potato Head Family launched the second outpost of Kaum at Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak, Bali, in October 2016. In May 2017, Kaum at Potato Head Beach Club participated in the popular Ubud Food Festival, bringing its signature take on authentic Indonesian food to a wide variety of gourmands from across Indonesia and beyond.

Under the direction of Executive Chef Antoine Audran and celebrated Indonesian culinary activist and Kaum Brand Director Lisa Virgiano, Kaum Jakarta’s menu reinstates the fundamental focus of Indonesia’s culinary heritage – incorporating the highest-quality, regionally sourced products from small-scale, responsible producers and tropical indigenous ingredients. The menu also includes signature dishes from Kaum Hong Kong and Kaum Bali, highlighting the archipelago’s rich and varied culinary traditions and cooking methods from Aceh to Maluku, and a number of special dishes, available only at the flagship outlet in Jakarta.

Some of the menu highlights include: Gulai Udang Aceh, Gohu Ikan Tuna, Sate Sapi Wagyu Maranggi, Paha Kambing Bumbu Rempah, Bebek Goreng Sambal Mangga Muda, Tumis Keciwis Tauco Pekalongan, Bistik Jawa dan Kue Lumpur Bubur Ketan Hitam.

Kaum’s mission to highlight the craftsmanship and deep traditions of Indonesia’s ethnic tribes is also reflected in the look of the establishment. Kaum Jakarta’s design and interior celebrate the country’s traditional arts and crafts while also displaying Potato Head Family’s contemporary design expression.

The property consists of two buildings: a historical colonial house and a main dining hall. The colonial house has been lovingly restored with the original building’s exterior, doors and windows preserved. In keeping with Potato Head Family aesthetics, the interior balances contemporary design with vintage furniture and colourful locally made kiln-fired ceramic tiles, known as tegel Jawa.

Kaum Jakarta’s main dining hall house is a resonance of Indonesia’s storied past, an industrial wartime hangar which features precast wall panels inspired from Dayak motifs - a nod to Kaum’s commitment to representing Indonesian ethnic tribes and showcasing the tribes’ traditional craftsmanship within Potato Head’s modern context.

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KAUM Jakarta

Jl. Dr. Kusuma Atmaja No.77-79 

RT.10/RW.4, Menteng, 

Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10310


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