The Relaunch of Filma and Palmboom

The products of Filma and Palmboom have been reformulated through the process of interestefication which helps in producing higher quality products. With the new formula, the products are trans-fat free, thus it’s healthier, more stable to temperature change, and have more stable texture. The bakers will have softer texture for cream and longer lasting soft texture of the cakes.

Davy Djohan, PT. Smart Tbk’s General Marketing Manager for Indonesia’s Industrial and Exports stated,”We’re glad to offer the new improved formula and packaging, started by the first launching in Medan on February 9th 2017. We hope the customers can see the application of the new products in our selection of recipes, and as a result, enjoying the better quality bakery products.”

The new Palmboom packaging features the legacy factor as it has been the top margarine brands for generations. Meanwhile, FIlma strengthens its position as modern, premium brand with cleaner packaging, dominated with white, blue, and yellow.

“Smart is committed to support the growth of our customers’ businesses, not only offering better quality products, but also by granting access to our chefs so they’ll get inputs and inspirations. The Grand Baking Demo is an event to share and learn together that we hope can be beneficial to expand their businesses. At the same time, this program gives as a good opportunity for us to understand the customers’ needs better,” said Djohan.