Listen to what the Antonio Bachour and Carles Mampel have to say about the future trends

The Pastry Masters

We have to thank Heavenly Sweet Academy Jakarta for inviting 2 of the best pastry chefs in the world to teach master class in Indonesia. With almost a full week of pastry lesson and inspiration, we decided to dig deeper into the mind of Antonio Bachour (America) and Carles Mampel (Spain) about the current pastry trend, the future, and their perspective.

What’s your current activities?

Antonio Bachour (AB): I will open my own
pastry shop in Miami, I also busy teaching classes.

Carles Mampel (CM): I’m trying to open shop
in Hong Kong, I take a lot of consulting for the brand, I also teach master
classes, all over the world.

What do you think about the current pastry trend?

AB: I think people want to eat healthier food, less sugar. In America, people are going back to classic, like carrot cake. Last year, people got a lot of modern desserts, but now all the chefs are going back to classic in modern presentation. People used to eat those products, they have it in their memory when they were children. They want to remember when they had it with family, parents, and their childhood.

CM: There’s tendency to consume healthy food, not only in pastry and bakery, also in the hot kitchen. In pastry, we started a bit later because it’s little difficult to substitute the ingredients such as sugar. We also deal with the shelf-life of the products.

For example, when I make my meringue, I use inulin as sugar substitute. It’s a natural product, it’s a fiber from chicory. I take out a lot of sugar and my meringue will be much creamier and 5 times less sweet. It’s not really new product but it was just introduced to pastry last year. My work is very focused in this style of pastry, I know it’s a bit difficult, but it’s the future.

Please describe your style of pastry.

AB: I’m all about simple, clean, tasty products. I love to use tropical fruits such as passion fruit and banana.

CM: I don’t really like flowers and glazes, I understand people love something shiny, but for me it’s chocolate. In Europe people love dark, milk, white chocolate, but without any other color. I make pastry for people to eat, I know it’s interesting to see colorful desserts, but I focus more in the taste and health.

What’s your favorite pastry products?

AB: I like everything with mousse, cream, cake, but I love chocolate the most. It’s my main ingredient to make cake, dessert, bonbon, mousse, we have chocolate in everything! I want to still have passion everyday to make pastry, it’s the only thing I know to do since 14, now I’m 42. My dream is wake up everyday to be able to make and enjoy pastry products.

CM: For me the best product is chocolate. You can substitute raspberry with something similar in taste, like cranberry or blackberry, but I don’t see anything similar in chocolate. I can’t get similar taste and texture of chocolate in any other products. I prefer dark chocolate, but today you see something very interesting in white chocolate. People use it not only for the taste, but people want its creamy texture that they got from the cacao butter, to produce creamier mousse. In addition, it’s from vegetable, it’s cacao after all.

How does social media change the world of pastry?

AB: Now, social media is everything. People is everywhere, they’re watching what you do. If I come up with something like this today, people see it, and they will make the same thing tomorrow. It’s a source of inspiration. But I don’t feel upset, I feel good instead, because when somebody copy you, that means you’re good.

CM: This is a difficult world, it’s hard to explain the healthy concept because social media is a visual world, meanwhile I’m a pastry chef, not a photographer. I understand people want to see nice picture, like when I see nice girl but we also want the brain, not only nice look. Social media is nice for any brands, people are exposed to social media, but the chefs need to explain more about the concept, the ingredients, the health, not only picture.