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The Park Lane’s Newly Transformed Lobby

The Park Lane has debuted its new arrival experience and chic refurbished lobby on May 30th 2017, which offers guests an engaging and modern space to begin their stay. The newly launched lobby provides guests and locals alike a space to spark conversations and stimulate thoughts through physical and personal interaction.

The lobby features the concept of Mushin, identical to the Japanese metaphorical expression “Mizu no Kokoro” or the “mind like water”. This mental attitude refers to a mind that is in total harmony with the Cosmos that it resembles a still pond of water without any ripples where the surface reflects a clear and perfectly undistorted image of the surroundings, like mirror. The new lobby face has been representing infinite energy and endless possibilities. The Water Ripple encompasses the concept of peaceful experiences reaching to infinity.

The Water Ripple Lobby represents the pure state of mind, of pure mental clarity, is produced by the absence of the ego or limited self. A Water Ripple mind is not an empty mind like an empty shell, on the contrary, it is a mind fully present, aware and free. “Mu” or “emptiness” in the Japanese word Mushin refers to an empty mind in the sense that distractions, preoccupations, fears, worries, are absent and are no more an issue for the mind, whether in combat or daily life.

Darrel Cartwright. General Manager of The Park Lane Hotel said that the hotel is dedicated to enhancing the guest experience. “When a guest comes to stay at a hotel, the lobby is first and last thing that they will experience so it’s incredibly important to their overall stay. Following with our fabulous team emphasizes the importance of creating a welcoming sensation for our guests from the moment they arrive at our hotel. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, a warm welcome sets the tone of your stay and a friendly goodbye will leave a lasting impression and entice you back.”