Ideas Awesome is one of the coffee shop competing in one of the most talked about region in coffee communities, Kelapa Gading

The Coffee Shop’s Battleground

After Passion discussed about coffee in the last May 2018 issue, the name Kelapa Gading is often mentioned by our sources as the region with the highest growth of coffee shop in Jakarta, perhaps in Indonesia. On the 1.633 ha land, thereare more than 70 coffee shops operating with their own unique selling proposition, one of them is Ideas Awesome.

The trend of thir wave coffee shop in Kelapa Gading began with 2 coffee shops: Six Ounces and Kopium in 2015. “Based on the latest info I had last month, the number has reached 70. Perhaps there are some that has closed down, but we also have the upcoming new ones also, so I assume we have more than 70 now,” said Paul Mordheweyk, the owner of Ideas Awesome. The coffee shop has been operating since 2017, “It was a bit crowded at that time, but there were still only around 40 coffee shops, ini 2017-2018, we have so many new coffee shops,” he added.

Paul is not exactly a new face in coffee scene. Previously, he worked as Sales Manager in Tanamera, one of the third wave pioneers in Jakarta. In 2015, he built his own coffee shop in Rawa Belong, West Jakarta, under the name Coteca (Coffee Tea Cacao). His main consideration of opening a coffee shop in Kelapa Gading? “Simple, I want to have my own business, close to where I live,” said Paul who live near Kelapa Gading.

Even though it was located not too far from the main street in Kelapa Gading, Paul has deliberately chosen the location in Rukan Graha Bulevard since long ago because it reminds him of Tanamera’s atmosphere in Thamrin City Office Park. “It’s a bit in the inside, it has office atmosphere but a bit far from the crowded street. Perhaps it’s the only place in Kelapa Gading with similar atmosphere with Tanamera, even though the traffic is not as busy, they got Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia and Thamrin Office over there,” he explained.

One of the biggest challenges faced by most coffee shops in Kelapa Gading is the construction of LRT that has to be finished before 2018’s Asean Games. “Of course, it’s a challenge for us, we have to, some sort of holding our breath. There are other coffee shops in Kelapa Gading who had worse situation, they didn’t even manage to sell a single item for a day. If you say that our location is not ideal, let just count how many coffee shops were closing down even though they’re located at the main street? So, location is not a guarantee,” he added.

However, as the construction will end soon, Ideas Awesome found a new optimism as it is located very closely to the LRT station. Ideas Awesome even doesn’t hesitate to prolong their contract for 3 years even though they haven’t finished the 2 years contract. “Now, I’m thinking of takeaway menus that can be paired with coffee for grab and go concept, because the LRT concept is suitable for those who are always rushing.”

Trend Following.

One of the reason why many people open coffee shops in Kelapa Gading (and in any other regions, of course) is because of the trend following. “We have many rich people in Kelapa Gading, perhaps they had their children return from the study abroad and they give capital to build a business. But actually, the demand on coffee is not as big as the rapid growth of the coffee shops,” he added.

The coffee market in Kelapa Gading can be classified into categories, but according to Paul, they are “coffee lovers” not “freak”, because he deliberately designed his coffee shop to be not too serious about specialty. “I had an acquaintance who opened a coffee shop in Serpong that serves Geisha bean with manual brew, back then, he didn’t even have espresso machine. The customer can order more than 1 cup of coffee, sometimes they even bring their own bean to be brewed. That ’s what I regard as “freak”. In Kelapa Gading, perhaps we have those kinds of customers, but personally, I’ve yet to see one,” said Paul.

The other trend following can be seen through the choice of espresso machine. Paul was once asked by his customer, who happen to own a coffee shop, on the reason why he didn’t use La Marzocco. “La Marzocco is actually good, but when I asked him back why should I using the machine, what makes it different from other brand? He couldn’t answer. Most people buy a brand because they’re just following their friends. Because when you need to make Iced Caramel Latter, I guess regular espresso machines should be sufficient. Perhaps they buy things because of pride,” he explained.

Ideas Awesome’s Concept

From the beginning, Ideas Awesome wasn’t designed for coffee fanatics, because of its location. “I never want to be too specialty because most people in Kelapa Gading prefer sweet taste. And then the coffee people are not that loyal, even though I have to admit, it was caused by us, owners of coffee shop who are opening coffee shops exceeding the actual demand,” he admitted.

Paul was inspired by the soft ice cream concept when he was travelling to Omotesando Street (Shibuya, Japan). “There was this big coffee shop, also a roaster. However, the customers who got out always bring soft ice cream even though it
was cold. It’s interesting to bring the concept with tropical climate like Indonesia. Our customers love it, perhaps because we a completely new flavor at the time, Earl Grey.”

Aside from ice cream, Ideas Awesome also serves unique colorful menus such as Rainbow Pasta, Lego Lemonade (iced drink with colorful lego-shaped ice cube), and Crouching Dragon Hidden Mango. “We exploited grey interior so when you take
photos of our products, they will pop out,” said Paul. Some of the recommended menus here are Bruschetta con Funghi, and favorite desserts such as Shouffle Pancake and Tiramisu. “ We try to serve something different, even though I have to admit that the concept is not entirely new,” he added.

In the midst of huge number of coffee shops in Kelapa Gading, uniqueness is the main thing needed for a coffee shop to maintain its existence. With unique menus and Instagrammable place, Ideas Awesome is continuously offering new things for coffee lovers, in addition to their optimism as the construction of LRT in Kelapa Gading is near completion.


Ideas Awesome merupakan salah satu coffee shop yang berkompetisi di salah satu daerah yang paling sering dibicarakan di komunitas kopi, Kelapa Gading. Setelah Passion mengulas edisi khusus kopi pada edisi Mei 2018, nama Kelapa Gading sering disebut para narasumber sebagai daerah dengan pertumbuhan coffee shop terbanyak di Jakarta, bahkan mungkin Indonesia. Di atas lahan seluas 1.633 hektar, terdapat lebih dari 70 coffee shop yang beroperasi dengan keunikannya masing-masing, salah satunya Ideas Awesome.

Tren coffee shop third wave di Kelapa Gading diawali oleh 2 coffee shop: Six Ounces dan Kopium pada 2015. “Berdasarkan info yang saya dapat pada bulan lalu, sekarang jumlahnya mencapai 70. Mungkin ada yang sudah tutup, tapi tentu ada yang baru juga, jadi sekarang jumlahnya bisa jadi lebih dari 70,” kata Paul Mordheweyk, owner Ideas Awesome. Coffee shop ini baru mulai beroperasi pada 2017, “Saat itu sudah mulai ramai, namun jumlahnya masih sekitar 40 coffee shop, tahun 2017-2018 itu banyak sekali coffee shop yang baru buka,” tambahnya.

Paul sendiri bukanlah pemain baru di industri kopi. Sebelumnya, ia pernah menjadi Sales Manager di Tanamera, salah satu coffee shop pelopor tren third wave di Jakarta. Pada 2015, ia juga sudah membuka coffee shopnya sendiri di daerah Rawa Belong, Jakarta Barat, dengan nama Coteca (Coffee Tea Cacao). Pertimbangannya untuk membuka coffee shop di Kelapa Gading? “Sederhana, saya ingin punya usaha yang dekat dengan rumah saya,” jelas Paul yang tinggal di sekitar Kelapa Gading.

Meski letaknya tidak jauh dari jalan utama di Kelapa Gading, Paul sengaja memilih lokasi di Rukan Graha Bulevard sejak lama karena suasana di sini mengingatkannya akan atmosfer Tanamera di Thamrin City Office Park. “Lokasinya agak masuk ke dalam, suasananya perkantoran tapi jauh dari keramaian. Mungkin ini satu-satunya tempat di Kelapa Gading dengan suasana mirip di Tanamera, meskipun tentu trafficnya tidak sepadat di sana, karena ada Mal Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, dan Thamrin Office,” jelasnya.

Salah satu kendala tantangan yang banyak dialami oleh banyak coffee shop di Kelapa Gading adalah pembangunan LRT yang harus selesai sebelum Asean Games 2018. “Tentu coffee shop terganggu penjualannya, namun istilahnya, kami harus tahan nafas. Masih banyak coffee shop lain di Kelapa Gading yang situasinya lebih parah, mereka bahkan tidak menjual satu pun produk dalam sehari. Jika ada yang bilang tempat kami kurang strategis, kita hitung saja berapa banyak coffee shop di pinggir jalan raya Kelapa Gading yang sudah tutup? Jadi lokasi bukan jaminan kan?” tambahnya.

Namun, selesainya proyek LRT memberikan optimisme baru pada Ideas Awesome karena lokasinya yang sangat dekat pada stasiun LRT. Ideas Awesome bahkan tidak ragu untuk memperpanjang kontrak sewanya selama 3 tahun, bahkan sebelum kontrak 2 tahunnya habis. “Sekarang tugas saya memikirkan menu takeway yang bisa dipadankan dengan kopi untuk konsep grab and go, karena konsep LRT sangat cocok untuk mereka yang buru-buru.”


Salah satu alasan mengapa banyak orang membuka coffee shop di Kelapa Gading (dan di daerah lain, tentunya) adalah  karena latah. “Di Kelapa Gading ada banyak orang kaya, mungkin ada orang kaya yang anaknya kembali setelah sekolah di luar negeri lalu dimodali bisnis. Namun sebetulnya permintaan akan kopi tidak sebesar pertumbuhan jumlah coffee shop,” tambah Paul.

Pasar kopi di Kelapa Gading terbagi menjadi banyak kategori, namun menurut Paul, mayoritas dari mereka adalah “penikmat” kopi, bukan “freak” karena memang ia sengaja mendesain coffee shopnya agar tidak terlalu serius kea rah specialty. “Saya punya kenalan yang buka coffee shop di daerah Serpong yang khusus menyajikan kopi Geisha manual brew, dulu ia bahkan tidak memiliki mesin espresso. Pelanggannya bisa pesan kopi lebih dari 1 gelas, mereka malah kadang membawa sendiri biji kopi untuk diseduh di sana. Itulah yang saya maksud sebagai freak tadi. Di Kelapa Gading mungkin pelanggan semacam itu ada, namun saya belum pernah menemukan secara langsung,” kata Paul.

Kelatahan lain yang sering terlihat adalah mengenai mesin Kopi. Paul pernah ditanya oleh seorang pelanggannya yang kebetulan juga memiliki sebuah coffee shop, mengenai mengapa ia tidak menggunakan mesin La Marzocco. “La Marzocco memang bagus, namun ketika saya balik tanya, mengapa harus menggunakan mesin tersebut, apa yang membedakannya dengan mesin lain? Ia tidak bisa menjawab. Kebanyakan orang membeli satu brand untuk mengikuti teman-temannya saja. Padahal jika untuk sekedar membuat Iced Caramel Latte, rasanya mesin biasa saja sudah cukup. Mungkin lebih membeli demi gengsi,” jelasnya.

Konsep Ideas Awesome

Sejak awal, Ideas Awesome memang tidak didesain untuk pecinta kopi fanatik mengingat lokasinya di Kelapa Gading. “Saya memang tidak mau menjadi terlalu specialty karena mayoritas warga Kelapa Gading lebih suka rasa manis, oleh sebab itu saya menawarkan konsep soft ice cream yang sangat disukai. Lalu market kopi sendiri tidak terlalu loyal, meski harus diakui, hal ini disebabkan oleh kami sendiri, para pemilik coffee shop yang jumlahnya melebihi permintaan,” aku Paul.

Paul mengaku terinspirasi konsep soft ice cream setelah ia travelling ke jalan Omotesando (Shibuya, Jepang). “Ada sebuah coffee shop besar sekaligus roaster. Namun pelanggan yang keluar dari sana selalu membawa soft ice cream meski cuacanya dingin. Menarik jika membawa  konsep tersebut di tempat yang beriklim tropis seperti Indonesia. Ternyata pelanggan kami menyukainya, mungkin karena waktu itu kami juga memiliki varian es krim yang tidak dimiliki orang lain, rasa Earl Grey.”

Selain soft ice cream, Ideas Awesome juga menyediakan menu-menu unik yang cenderung colorful seperti Rainbow Pasta, Lego Lemonade (minuman es dengan es batu berbentuk lego yang warna-warni), dan Crouching Dragon Hidden Mango. “Kami sengaja menggunakan tema interior abu-abu agar ketika difoto, produk kami terlihat stand out,” kata Paul. Beberapa menu favorit lain di sini adalah Bruschetta con Funghi, dessert favorit seperti Shouffle Pancake dan Tiramisu. “Kami berusaha untuk menyajikan menu yang berbeda, meski harus saya akui konsepnya tidak sepenuhnya baru,” tambahnya.

Di tengah banyaknya jumlah coffee shop di kawasan Kelapa Gading, keunikan merupakan hal utama yang dibutuhkan oleh sebuah coffee shop untuk bisa bertahan. Dengan menu-menu unik dan tempat yang Instagrammable, Ideas Awesome menawarkan hal baru bagi para pecinta kopi, terlebih lagi di tengah optimisme mereka untuk menunggu penyelesaian proyek LRT di Kelapa Gading.

Jl. Bulevar Utara Kelapa Gading, Rukan Graha Bulevard B18, Klp. Gading, Jakarta 14240
Phone: +6221 2937 5226