The Beauty of Simplicity

In term of career, Adi Juniarto has been entering the world of pastry since two decades ago. Somewhere along the journey, as his skill and experience level rises up, he also finds that true beauty lies in simplicity. Speaking with PASSION, the Executive Chef Pastry of Movenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran shares his pleasant memories and delightful hope.

What was the first thing you learned about creating pastries that surprised you?

The first challenge that I get from learning pastry is molding cake. People have to understand this basic fully before continue and create things. Succeed or not your cake creation will be determined by how good you are in molding. This is very basic, but surprisingly quite challenging to master.

Do you prefer to work with fondant or buttercream?

Normally, every pastry chef uses both of these items. With fondant, you can create a more elegant-looking cake, but with buttercream, the cake can stay longer in room temperature, and thus, cutting the cost significantly.

So you would personally prefer to use..

Both! For example, if I make 6-7 tier of  wedding cake, I will make the filling with buttercream. Then after, I will cover the cakes with colorful fondant, according to ours or the client’s preference. So I would use both in my creation.

What / who inspires you to go along this career path?

I took Hotel Tourism course during my college, specifically in pastry and bakery. I was inspired with pastry because, for one, it’s complicated. Then, profession-wise, not much that would pursue career as pastry chef (back then). On the progress, I also gain a lot of support from my bosses. I started my career on 1998, immediately after I finished my college at Le Meridien Jakarta. Then, I moved to Hotel Borobudur Intercon Jakarta, and then to The Park Lane Hotel, Kasablanka. On this place I would really focus myself to be a professional pastry chef.

What's the trend of cake decoration nowadays?

Nowadays, the trend goes back to fondant and buttercream, and also colors. Rainbow cake is apparently still as popular as ever. People also start looking for naked cake type; neat, clean and tidy
with simple look and uncomplicated taste. For individual, people love their naked cake with a touch of rustic style.

Nowadays, where do you get your pastry ideas for the Movenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran? What is your aesthetic?

I get the ideas from my collective experience working as a pastry chef so far, and then using it to create something that people would like. I also joined some community and organization such as IPA (Indonesian Pastry Alliance) where I can discuss and share ideas with other talented figures of the same field. At its core, pastry is pretty much the same everywhere, its juts the matter of how to create something good with your own style and touch.

Aesthetically, I tend to keep the original form of a cake, and not tinkering too much. For example: Black Forest, a classic favorite filled with cream, dark cherry and a bit of liquors. For my rendition, I would only add chocolate truffle as modern touch and maintain its original form and flavors.

What’s your biggest market right now in term of cake?

Since Movenpick Jimbaran is a family getaway destination, so most of the request we get is Birthday Cake. Nowadays, people love to make their B’day Cake as special as possible by turning it into caricatures or other artsy theme. At Anarasa (Movenpick Jimbaran’s restaurant) we have a Birthday Dining Package which includes custom-cake as well, so we make it according to their request.

Has there been any significant figure that you've served so far, any notable name?

(Ex-Indonesian) President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono. I was working at The Legian Kuta and one day they held a Young Entrepreneur Formal Ceremony, and one of the committee’s children was working on the organization. President SBY attends the event as honorable guest, and I get the chance to cook and served him the food from my kitchen. We have to go through several screening process before the dishes are actually served on his table. It was such an intense and thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience!

What is your signature dish?

All about chocolate! Chocolate can prevent stress and make you more relax. The better the quality / grade of the chocolate, the easier for us to process it into a delinquent cake.

Do you ever have any kitchen disaster experience? Which was the worst one?

There are always small problems in the kitchen, but I wouldn’t call them disaster (laugh). But on serving, occasionally we would experience a time when a particular set menu has been prepared but we could not fulfill the need due to the over-expectation guest numbers, and that would be so confusing to handle. But this kind of thing happens very rarely.

How do you want to be remembered?

If I can ask, I just want to be remembered through the creations that I have made, that people would know me as pastry chef not because of me as a person, but my cake, creation and taste.

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