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The Artisanal Tea Blender

Tisane & The Food

Even if you don’t like the taste of traditional tea (I’m not sure if there’s any), you can have “tisane” or herbal tea: tea that is not made of actual tea (camellia sinensis) leaves. It is usually made of dried fruit, spice, or flower. Some of the favorites are: Wild Ones (cranberries, elderberries, hibiscus, cherries, morello, raspberries, red rose buds), Happy Summer Days (apple, pineapple, papaya, mango, mate, hibiscus, bamboo leaf and lemongrass), Island Cordial (mango, orange, strawberry, marigold, safflower, pineapple). For the tisane, Lewis & Carroll use imported German fruit and flower. In fact, it is almost impossible for anyone not to find their favorite cup from these 89 variants.

Brewing tea isn’t as simple as pouring hot water into the cup of tea. Every type of tea requires different volume of the water, temperature, and brewing time, very similar to coffee. Lewis & Carroll is using the modern device called “steampunk” which has individual preset for the wide range of tea blends. “I ensure you whoever brew the tea will give consistent result because we have set different parameters for every type of tea, and the brewing was done with machine,” add Laresolo.

Tea isn’t best enjoyed alone. Lewis & Carroll also has wide range of food from salad, main course, to dessert. Some of the recommended menus are: Pan Fried Salmon (pan fried Norwegian salmon, mashed potato and mixed salad with lemon butter cream sauce and tomato sauce), Vietnamese Salad (green lettuce, endive lettuce, red radish, julienne red paprika, grilled chicken breast with homemade vietnamese dressing), and Cacaocha (kyoto matcha crème brulee textures of chocolate, cashew feuilletine).

White Tea
If there’s one item that Lewis & Carroll focuses on, it’s their white tea, the least processed of all teas and considered as the best and most expensive tea. White tea itself comes in 3 categories: silver needle (made solely of youngest tea bud), white peony or bai mu dan (made of the bud and the leaves below it) and shou mei as the lowest grade of white tea. “Back to our concept as artisanal tea blend, we see tea as an art. There are 3 aspects of our products that have to be good: the look, the aroma, and the taste. We use only silver needle tea because quality is our main concern. Silver needle is best looking among all teas. It also has the highest content of catechin and theanine,” said Bambang.

Catechin is a specific type of polyphenol and antixodant. It may reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disorder, it also has anti-aging properties. Meanwhile, theanine has the potential ability to reduce mental and physical stress, improve cognition, boost mood, and cognitive performance. Last but not least, it has some caffeine boost that you need to start the day or get things done.

While tea is popular with many health benefits, Bambang prefers to associate Lewis and Caroll’s tea to taste. “Our silver needle white tea tasting profile is very light, delicate, and more to the fruity side. To emphasis the subtle taste of the white tea, we usually blend it with another fruit to create interesting tasting notes,” said Laresolo. In addition to their favorite Snow Owl ( silver needle white tea) and Snow Leopard (organic version), Lewis & Carroll has 5 other white blend involving fruits such as: mango, orange, black currant, kiwi, to flowers like marigold, safflower, cornflower, red & pink rose petals. This line of white tea blends are often paired with their Pan Fried Salmon.

If you’re interested in learning about premium tea and tea blending, this might be the perfect place start. Lewis & Carroll regularly holds open public tea academy to educate the market and customers. Even though the tea scene is not as numerous as coffee shops, Lewis & Carroll is one of the few places in Jakarta which managed to bring the fun and color to the world of tea.

Lewis And Carroll

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