Tenderloin “Semur” Sauce

Ingredients :

160 gr Black Angus Tenderloin 1/2 Oyster Mushroom
50gr Bedugul Pumpkin
30gr Potato Leek
25 ml Cooking Cream 20 gr Unsalted Butter
Salt And Pepper to taste
1 pinch Coriander seed ground 50 ml Olive oil
1 pcs garlic

Method : 

  1. Seasoned Tenderloin with salt, pepper and coriander seed ground. Set a side for 5 minute before seared.
  2. Heat pan for searing the meat, add olive oil, seared the tenderloin for 3 min every meat surface, add butter and garlic into the pan.
  3. Basting the meat. Resting for 5 minute and put in the oven 200c for 5 min for medium. Cut into 2 pcs, set a side.
  4. Boil potato and pumpkin until soft, strain and mashed it, add butter and cooking cream, seasoned with salt and pepper, set a side
  5. Seasoned Oyster Mushroom with salt and pepper, add a bit olive oil, and seared in pan until cook, set a side

For Semur Sauce :

2 pcs shallot
3 pcs garlic
2 pcs red chili big 1/pcs tomato red
1 pinch coriander seed 

1 pcs salam leaves 1cm ginger
3 tbs sweet soy sauce 100 ml water
Salt and pepper to taste

Method : 

Blend shallot, garlic, chili, tomato, coriander seed and ginger into paste. Heat pan, add oil, sauteed all paste until fragrant, add salam leaves and water. Simmer After reduce until half of quantity, add swet soy sauce and seasoned. Stir. Sieved and set a side.

Assembling :

Presentation see picture, add some black charcoal crackers, burnt leek and some edible flowers or micro greens.