Soto Tauto

Red paste

Ingredients :
60 gr shallot
20 gr garlic
10 gr ginger
10 gr candlenut
100 gr curly red chilly
50 gr oil

Method :
Blend into fine paste

Ingredients :

500 gr beef brisket
30 gr galangal
3 pcs bay leaves
3 pcs kaffir lime leaves
2 pcs lemon grass
30 gr shallot
10 gr garlic
1 recipe red paste
100 gr tauco Pekalongan (fermented soya bean from Pekalongan)
40 gr sweet soya sauce
1 ltr water
Method :

Stir fry red paste over medium heat until the oil separated.
Add in the aromatics (shallot, garlic, galangal, bay leaf, lime leaf, lemon grass)
Continue stir fry until the earthy smell is gone.
Add in the beef , water and sweet soy sauce.
Cook over medium heat until the beef tender and the sauce got thicken.

Mash Potatoes
300 gr Potato
100 ml Cream
100 gr Butter
to taste Salt
Method :
Peel and boiled potatoes until cook.
Drain, mashed and set aside.
Bring the cream to first boil, pour to the mashed potatoes.
Mix well, add in butter and salt.
Stir until the mixture are even.
Strain to get a smooth consistency

Potato Nest
1 pcs large potato
Shred with a special shredder to
make like a noodle / spagetthi shape.
fry in a garlic oil until crispy
Poach eggs.