Rimini, 23rd January 2017 – It was neck and neck to the last praline and in the end it was Japan who won the title of Junior World Pastry Champion at SIGEP 2017. Second place went to Italy, but it was a very close thing: 3,918 point for the Japanese contestants, 3,912 for the Italians. Further behind, but still in the élite of world pastry making, France, with 3,733 points.

On the two days at SIGEP, the international artisan confectionery expo, organized by Italian Exhibition Group at Fiera di Rimini and running through to Wednesday, young pastry chefs from France, Japan, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Italy competed for the title.

Their creations were based on the theme “Planet Fantasy, the power of fantasy” and judged according to the quality of the creations, the care taken in the use of the raw materials and the perfection of the technical standards. The junior world championship was held in the Pastry Arena, with worldwide live streaming coverage, and re-transmitted at night to favour the national teams with different time zones.

The Junior World Pastry Championship is based on an idea by Master Pastry Chef Roberto Rinaldini and in recent years has offered an extraordinary appointment at which the world’s best new generations of pastry chefs have emerged. The international panel of judges was headed by Francesco Mino, an Italian master pastry chef who has lived abroad since he was 16: he currently works in Saigon; Honorary President was Iginio Massari, the “masters’ master”. The panel of judges was completed by the team managers of the national teams taking part.