Pistache Cremeux :

90 g Fresh Milk

225 g Whipping Cream

1 en Vanilla pod

35 g Pistachio Paste

90 g Egg Yolk

50 g Sugar

11 g Gelatine (soak in 35ml cold water)

Method :

1. Mix egg yolk together with sugar.
2. Bring milk, cream, vanilla, pistachio paste to a boil pour into the egg yolk mixture , mix well.
3. Pour in gelatin and mix to dissolve.

Airy Chocolate :

300 g Tempered TULIP Easimelt Aura

Method :

1. Transfer Tempered TULIP Easimelt Aura to a Siphon.
2. Charge with 2 cream charger, let rest 10 minute.
3. Shake and charge into a container, keep chiiled.
4. Break into pieces.

Coconut water Fluid Gel :

200 g Coconut Water

50 g Coconut Cream

5 g Sugar

5 g Agar-Agar

Method :

1. Bring all ing.edient to boil , transfer to a container, let set chiller.
2. Blend untill smooth and paste like.

Coconut Sable :

160 g Egg Yolk

320 g Sugar G.anulated

320 g  Unsalted Butter

5 g Salt

400 g Medium Flour

100 g  Coconut Dessicated

30 g Baking Powder

Method :

1. Beat butter, salt and sugar, add in yolk.
2. Sieve flour and baking powder, fold into the above
3. Stir in dessicated coconut, let it cool.
4. Roll in between a silpat, bake at 180oC for 15 minutes
5. Crush and keep in sealed container.

Kale Micro Sponge :

25 g Kale Puree

25 g Salad Oil

120 g White Egg

60 g Egg Yolk

40 g Sugar

25 g Medium Flour

Method :

1. Mix all ing.edient, transfer to a Shipon , charge with two N2O let cool shake before using.
2. Make 3 slit at the bottom of the paper cup, pipe until 1/3 full, bake in microwave for 40 sec, on max power
3. Turn up side down, let cool.

Chocolate Spray :

200 g TULIP Easimelt Ivory

200 g TULIP Cocoa Butter 

± Arte light Grey

Method :

1. Melt ivory and cocoa butter.
2. Color with Tulip Arte light grey and transfer to spray gun.
3. Spray Frozen Chocolat moelleux, obtained a stone like texture.

By Chef Christian Dewabrata S.

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