Recipe SERENE (Chocolat Mmileux, and Pistache Cremeux insertion ,, Coconut Sable, Kale Microwave Sponge, Airy Chocolate, Coconut umter fluid gel)

Chocolat Moelleux :

250 g Fresh Milk

25 gSugar

40 g Egg Yolk

250 g TULIP Easimelt Aura

9 g Gelatine ( soak with 30ml cold water)

350 g Whipping Cream

Method :

1. Mix egg yolk with sugar.
2. Bring the Fresh Milk to boil

3. Pour in the boiled milk, into the egg mixture , cook to 80o C, untill slightly thickened.
4. Pour in the soaked gelatin, mix well.
5. Pour into TULIP Easimelt Aura, mix until all chocolate melts, let cool to room temperature.
6. Fold in whipped cream which has been whipped to 60 % develop.

Pistache Cremeux :

90 g Fresh Milk

225 g Whipping Cream

1 en Vanilla pod

35 g Pistachio Paste

90 g Egg Yolk

50 g Sugar

11 g Gelatine (soak in 35ml cold water)

Method :

1. Mix egg yolk together with sugar.
2. Bring milk, cream, vanilla, pistachio paste to a boil pour into the egg yolk mixture , mix well.
3. Pour in gelatin and mix to dissolve.

Airy Chocolate :

300 g Tempered TULIP Easimelt Aura

Method :

1. Transfer Tempered TULIP Easimelt Aura to a Siphon.
2. Charge with 2 cream charger, let rest 10 minute.
3. Shake and charge into a container, keep chiiled.
4. Break into pieces.

Coconut water Fluid Gel :

200 g Coconut Water

50 g Coconut Cream

5 g Sugar

5 g Agar-Agar

Method :

1. Bring all ing.edient to boil , transfer to a container, let set chiller.
2. Blend untill smooth and paste like.

Coconut Sable :

160 g Egg Yolk

320 g Sugar G.anulated

320 g  Unsalted Butter

5 g Salt

400 g Medium Flour

100 g  Coconut Dessicated

30 g Baking Powder

Method :

1. Beat butter, salt and sugar, add in yolk.
2. Sieve flour and baking powder, fold into the above
3. Stir in dessicated coconut, let it cool.
4. Roll in between a silpat, bake at 180oC for 15 minutes
5. Crush and keep in sealed container.

Kale Micro Sponge :

25 g Kale Puree

25 g Salad Oil

120 g White Egg

60 g Egg Yolk

40 g Sugar

25 g Medium Flour

Method :

1. Mix all ing.edient, transfer to a Shipon , charge with two N2O let cool shake before using.
2. Make 3 slit at the bottom of the paper cup, pipe until 1/3 full, bake in microwave for 40 sec, on max power
3. Turn up side down, let cool.

Chocolate Spray :

200 g TULIP Easimelt Ivory

200 g TULIP Cocoa Butter 

± Arte light Grey

Method :

1. Melt ivory and cocoa butter.
2. Color with Tulip Arte light grey and transfer to spray gun.
3. Spray Frozen Chocolat moelleux, obtained a stone like texture.

By Chef Christian Dewabrata S.