Seared Scallop – Crab onde-onde Balado Sauce


600 g  Scallops

80 g mushrooms

60 g asparagus

40 g baby greens

10 g zucchini

20 g green pea puree

For the balado sauce

60 g shallot, sliced

15 g garlic, sliced

50 g red chili, sliced

20 g candlenuts

50 ml cooking oil 

2 g kafir lime leaves

2 g bay leaves

50 ml coconut milk

300 ml water

5 g brown sugar

2 tsp salt and pepper

Crab onde-onde

80 g crab meat

2 g garlic

1 g spring onion

20 g mayonnaise

2 tsp salt and pepper

PreparationFor the sauce:

1. Pour cooking oil into a pan, add all sauce ingredients except water and coconut oil, let it brown then remove it.

2. Blend all ingredients and transfer the mixture into preheated saucepan and cook for 5 minutes

3. Add water and coconut milk, sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper

4. Remove the sauce and strain until you get the paste only

For the crab onde-onde

1. Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl, mix well and divided into 8 portions round shape.

2. Deep fried the crab meat ball

3. Pan seared the marinated scallop 

4. Arrange the scallop on the plate, put the rest of ingredients on top of the scallop and spread the sauce