Potato Gnocchi


500 gm Large potato, washed but not peeled
50gm unsalted butter
50gm parmesan
90gm strong white

cook the potatoes until cooked, then peel. Pass through a vegetable or potato ricer, and then add to a wide based sauce pan. Cook over a medium heat to ensure all moisture is removed and the potatoes start to become almost chewy. Remove and quickly add the butter and parmesan, followed by the flour, tablespoon at a time. It may not need all the flour. Roll into long even sausages and cut into bite sized pieces.

Steamed Clams, fermented chilli sauce, parsley

1kg venus clam or small clam, scrubbed
120ml white wine
5 eschallots, finely diced
5garlic cloves, finely diced
2tblspoon extra virgin olive oil
150gm butter

1 bunch flat leaf parsley

Fermented chilli:

- You can either make your own by smashing 6 red chilli in a pestle + mortar with 1 teapoon salt, add 200 ml water, leave at room temp covered for 2 days. OR buy a chilli sauce!!!

- Heat a medium sauce pan that will comfortably hold the clams. Add the olive oil followed by the clams. Then add the onion and garlic mix, quickly stir. Add the wine and cover immediately.

- Steam until the clams begin to open. Remove the clams as they open. Cook until all are opened.

Reduce the cooking liquid and stir in the chillis to taste. Slowly incorporate the butter by whisking. Cook down to until it is a  shiny sauce consistency. Add the clams, then the gnocchi and finally plent of chopped parsley