Passion Lemon Tart

1) Dissolve sugar and salt in the water, add flour and mix well

2) Mix in the egg yolks
3) Slowly mix butter into mixture to make a smooth dough
4) Make it into a ball, roll on a lightly floured surface
5) Place into baking tart form and bake 20 min (180C)
6) Mix together eggs, sugar, lemon juice, passion fruit puree and minced lemon zest
7) Warm up the mixture on a water bath (bain-marie) until 85C (whisking)
8) Cool down to 40C and mix in chopped butter
9) Cold down in the fridge
10) Fill the baked form with the custard, cold down again

Decorate with Italian Merengue, citrus, sliced almond, and passion fruit sorbet.

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