Nasi Goreng Sawah


100 gr Steam rice
50 gr Australian lamb leg boneless dice
50 gr Black angus beef slice
2 pcs Organic whole egg
20 gr Long bean
20 gr Bumbu Kesuna Cekuh (see attach)
1pcs Chicken leg
150 ml Salad oil
1pcs Lamb satay
1pcs Angus beef satay
10gr Oyster sauce
10gr Raja rasa
5gr Fried shallot
5gr Slice leek

Peparation Method:

1. Washed rice and cook, take out from the oven keep outside to get rice little bit cold
2. Sautéed the meat item’s till is cook
3. Sautéed garlic add organic egg scramble it and pouring the rice and vegetable mix well use spatula or Chinese work to cooking fried rice to get better taste.
4. Seasoning with oyster sauce, bumbu kesuna cekuh, raja rasa
5. Wok fried until the rice is crunch

Bumbu Kesuna Cekuh


20kg Aromatic ginger rough slice
150kg Garlic rough slice
80kg Turmeric rough slice
15kg Shrimp paste
200ml Vegetables oil

Preparation Method:
• Roasted all ingredients until fragrant
• Blend all the ingredients until fine as a paste and put in to the pot
• Cook the spice paste in low heat until cooked and keep it cool put in to the container