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Let Them Eat Cake

For the last twenty three years, Bali Bakery Patisserie and Cafe has spoiled the sweet-toothed islanders with their fantastic pastry and cakes. PASSION talks to

the next generation of the founding family, and discover their enduring secret on staying sweet in a fierce industry.

It wasn’t that long ago when Bali Bakery was the only place on the island where you could get tasty Danishes or Tiramisu for a birthday party on a daily basis. When the first Bali Bakery opened in 1994, the days when croissants or quiches could only be bought from Bali’s luxurious establishments was over. A new era of patisserie for the people has begun.

The cafe on the corner of busy Jalan Raya Kuta intersection used to be much smaller. Now it is occupying a block of land and still is the favorite spot for meeting or quick lunch amongst the locals. Stepping in, you will find a showcase of pastry, counters of cakes, jars of cookies, and rows of bread. Each and every item is freshly baked throughout day, every day. The Kuta branch remains to be the headquarter and the main bakery. From this very spot, trays upon trays of glazed eclairs and meringue swirls are delivered to the other three outlets of Bali Bakery in Denpasar, Seminyak and Sanur. 

In between ripping off layers of buttery flakes of the croissant, I asked Ivan Prakarsa as the Director of the establishment, about its beginning. “There wasn’t much option in Bali back then, when we wanted to have some cakes or desserts. The previous generation saw the opportunity and decided to start this.” Fast forward two decades later, Ivan continues the legacy and develops it further through the rapid changes in Bali’s culinary industry. He said that the consistency in flavour and product quality are keys to Bali Bakery’s longevity. He went to a great length to ensure that the products used remain the same.

Meanwhile his cousin, Wendy Agustina, cheerfully added that what Bali Bakery excelled at is simply providing everything for their customers. “We cater to them, according to their preferences, even with off the menu products,” claimed Wendy who is responsible for product development. The convenient one-stop eating concept of Bali Bakery doesn’t just end there. Thanks to her and a team of dedicated pastry team, Bali Bakery is constantly coming up with new creations.

We are not a big factory, and everything that you see here is hand-crafted, one by one,” said Wendy, who is also holding the most fortunate position in the company, the tester. Together with the dedicated pastry chef, the creative team let their sweet imagination go wild and the result is quite extraordinary.

Take the popular Pie Omelette, which is essentially a sponge cake with light cream cheese filling and fruits. Aside from its flirty presentation, the cake tasted light and fluffy with just the right amount of sweetness. There is also the recently launched Dulcey Piña Colada, an elegant cake containing caramelised white chocolate dome, dessicated coconut and pineapple. “We receive different comments from our customers. Some say that they like the cakes, some prefer our pastry. Whatever that is, we always try to serve them our best. Our products are highly customizable, especially when we cater for special events,” explained Wendy.

At the end of the day, innovation remains to be another important aspect of Bali Bakery’s success. A continuous effort in developing new products based on customers’ feedback and trend is taken seriously by the pastry team. For 2017, Bali Bakery will put a special emphasis on healthier options, which is definitely good news for our waistline. The other aspect is to maintain a good relationship with the suppliers. “Trust me, in the end of the day, we can’t produce anything if we do not get any supplies. And we would really hate to replace a product for we know that it will definitely change the taste,” said Ivan matter-of-factly.

Despite the growing competition, Bali Bakery Patisserie and Café has proven that consistency, quality, and innovation are some of the key aspects which determined the making of a successful business. Add the loyalty and hospitality to the mixture and it will mostly end up with repeating customers coming for more. Well, by all means, let them eat cake.

Bali Bakery Patisserie & Café
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