Kareyca’s Bowl at Fedwell

There are so many ingredients one can combine at Fedwell. From the base, the proteins, the toppings, the dressing, and up until that one crunch to make all the textures and flavors more enticing.

The best-selling dish would be The Don. It’s a mixture of quinoa brown rice, rib eye steak, edamame, horenso, charred corn, onsen egg, with peanut sesame sauce and furikake. Want something lighter? Then choose The Trophy Wife. It’s got the greens, salmon gravlax, roasted pumpkins and tomatoes, kale, mushrooms, lemon sauce, and seeds.

However, Kareyca Moeloek has her own idea about it. She created this one ultimate dish with additional. Surprisingly, it has the similar elements that her beloved sister would also order. Want to know what it’s all about inside Kareyca’s Bowl? Here goes.

First, have some leafy greens and tabbouleh as the base. Secondly, have that nice and flavorful charred beans with kale and roasted pumpkins. For the proteins, choose the gravlax and combine it also with “soy party” – a feast of tofu, tempeh, and oncom. As for the crunch, pick the savory granola. Lastly, have additional dressings of basil ranch and sambal matah relish.

This is clearly the fancier version of the usual menu at Fedwell. But with all the wholesomeness of it, this is something that you would not be able to resist. Give it a try when visiting the place!