Kalamansi Chocolate Cake

Kalamansi Chocolate Mousse Ingredient:

80g Egg
200g Egg yolk
150g Sugar
100g Kalamansi puree
10g Gelatine
800g Milk Couverture
750g Whipped cream

• Soak the gelatine in cold water.
• Warm up the egg, egg yolks and sugar on a bain marie and beat them up in a kitchen maschine afterwards.
• Melt the couverture.
• Use the puree to melt the gelatine in it and stir this then into the beaten egg.
• Stir in a part of the egg foam into the molten couverture.
• Then fold in the rest of the egg foam and the whipped cream.

Kalamansi Manggo Jelly Ingredient:

25g Pectin
7 Gelatine Sheets
280g Sugar
300g Manggo puree
400g Kalamansi puree

• Soak gelatine in cold water.
• Mix sugar and pectin in a bowl.
• Boil up the two purees and stir in the sugar mixture.
• Let it boil for two minutes then add the gelatine.
• Fill the jelly in a flat container/moulds.

Crunchy Bottom Ingredient:

150g Milk Couverture
100g Praline Noisette
50g Butter
100g Knusperstreusel
60g Crumbles

• Melt the couverture with the butter.
• Add the praline mass in it and stir in all dry ingredients.
• Spread it out really thin to fit as bottom of the cake. Dark Mud Cake

300g Couverture
300g Butter
90ml Filtered Coffee
5 Eggs
125g Sugar
190g Self raising flour

• Melt the butter and couverture.
• Beat the eggs with the sugar until they’re foamy.
• Fold in the egg foam into the molten couverture, followed by the coffe, then in the end fold in the sifted self raising flour.
• Bake at 180°C for about 30 min.