Italian with a View

Tasting the flavour of authentic Italian cuisine at Bene Italian Kitchen. 

Pasta is the backbone of Italian cuisine. That sort of thinking prompted executive chef Rossano Renzelli to dedicate his time in making sure that only the freshest pasta is served at Bene. “We make 14 different kind of pasta,” says the Roman native who has worked his magic in the kitchen since Bene opened five years ago. Bucatini, rigatoni, fettuccine, spaghetti, linguini, and many more are produced every day in the industrious kitchen.

“It is more work but it is also satisfying to see what we can produce while ensuring the quality and supply every day,” states Renzelli whose love for authentic and traditional Italian dishes are conveyed at Bene’s every detail including a well-stocked wine cellar which is filled with a good selection of Italian wines. Located on the second floor of Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort, the restaurant provides an opportunity to watch the endlessly long horizon of Kuta Beach. When you ‘re lucky, as I am today, you can witness the sky languorously turns red while sipping on a refreshing fruity concoction named after an ancient Roman town, Pompeii. 

The menu is a delight for a foodie like me. It offers a carefully delectable selection of cold cuts, antipasti, pizza, and a clever categorization of what seems to be an infinite amount of pasta combination. There are pastas with pork, chicken, rabbit, fish, prawn, octopus, clams, anchovy, cured fish roe, seafood, and vegetable. A thoughtful gluten-free options is also available. With various sauces and toppings, Bene offers up to 100 different ways to enjoy a pasta dish or two, as I am tempted to do so.

I start with a Bucatini all’Amatriciana, a perfect mixture of generous slices of pancetta and tomato sauce that makes me slurping with delight. The freshly made bucatini proves to be my new favourite pasta. The spaghetti-like pasta has a hole running through it centre, retaining the sauce and ensuring that every bite feels like a tomato bursting in my mouth. 

And surely, one just can’t miss a carbonara when the chef in charge is a Roman. Despite not being in Rome, I fully intend to do what the Romans do, namely ordering a plateful of Linguine alla Carbonara. It doesn’t dissappoint and I can totally understand why this remains Bene’s favourite dish. The pecorino and parmesan is a treat but to have them with pancetta, egg, and creamy sauce – now that’s a treat that one will remember in a long time to come.

A Margherita Pizza is another dish that I managed to try. The tomato and mozarella pizza is the quintessential Italian dish that I always like for its complex simplicity. I am glad to report that Bene’s Margherita Pizza truly lives up to its Neapolitan tradition, all down to the thin and slightly charred crust. I close my decadent dinner with a Baked Ricotta Cheese and a shot of espresso while admiring the dedication to authenticity that makes Bene, well, bene, or good in Italian.

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