Introducing the Local Wagyu

Mandif started the demo by explaining beef tartar, one of the fine dining trademark, which made by using dry aged beef. “Dry aging’s purpose is to remove the water by doing evaporation. It results in focused and intense flavor, but we lose some weight. In other words, this is a very premium product. Not everybody can afford this, but if Indonesia wants to be on another level, we have to pay attention to the produce (raw material) not only on the food,” said Mandif.

The chef explained what he meant further, “We have many people promoting Indonesian food to the world. However, when someone cooks Indonesian food, where do they get the ingredients from? Thailand. Economically, Thailand gets the benefits. This is the challenge of this government. That’s why I’m very proud of doing this. It’s also part of my concept (using local produce) in Blanco. I believe the growth of culinary has to go along with the farmer’s sustainability.”More than just endorsing a brand, Mandif M. Warokka also shares the same vision with Tokusen Wagyu Beef: to support the local product. In Food Hotel Indonesia, April 5-8th 2017, Mandif created 3 dishes: Dry Aged Tokusen Wagyu Eye Beef Fillet Tartar, Seared Tilapia, and Tenderloin Steak. Mandif is known for his obsession with local produce, and even though the name sounds very Japanese, actually Tokusen’s wagyu cattles are raised in Indonesia.

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