Heavenly Sweet Academy

Not too long ago, Heavenly Sweet Academy welcomed pastry maestros Antonio Bachour & Carles Mampel. However, it was not the first time for Heavenly Sweet Academy to invite world’s leading pastry chefs. There were many other great chefs who came and shared their knowledge, such as: Cedric Grolet, Julien Alvarez, Eric Perez, Peter Yuen, Eun-chul Jang, Richard Hawke and many more.

Heavenly Sweet Academy provides you a learning experience comparable to taking courses in schools overseas. The academy has students coming from not only Indonesia but also from various countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, India and Pakistan. It is all thanks to the idea of its founder, Ignes Pribadi Susilo. Passion meets Ignes to dig deeper into her background, the concept behind Heavenly Sweet Academy, why she decided to start the academy and why she invited the international Chefs to Indonesia.

Please tell us the brief history of Heavenly Sweet.

It was all started as a hobby. I love baking since I was little, however, when I was in the university, I took Business major in Los Angeles. I then ended up helping in the family business. After getting married, I followed my husband and we moved to Singapore and become a full-time housewife. I wanted to do something that I love and was contemplating between two options, either sewing or baking. My husband gave me surprise gift for Mother’s day and it was a Kitchen-Aid mixer. Since then, I reconnected to my childhood passion and never stop baking until now.

I took several baking courses in Singapore, Jakarta and even abroad. I wanted to learn more about baking but, as a full-time mother, it is not possible for me to travel all the time. My family has been extremely supportive and gave me an idea of inviting the instructors instead of travelling overseas to take courses. This becomes the initial concept behind Heavenly Sweet Academy we know now.

Initially, our focus was more into cake decorating. However, over the years, I grew to love pastry more and more. To gain deeper knowledge in pastry, I took pastry courses in one of the most prestigious pastry school in Paris. After returning home, I tried to re-create the pastries but was not  successful because of the unavailability of ingredients and also the different climate. I had to experiment and spent a lot of time making adjustments to the recipes.

I thought it was really unfortunate to spend so much money and time but not able to recreate the pastries at home. So I decided to contact my instructor and invited him to come to Indonesia and to teach by using ingredients available locally. This became the standard for all our instructors.

What is your main objective when you start Heavenly Sweet Academy?

I see many Indonesians have big potential and they are eager to learn more about pastries. By inviting these international instructors, I hope that the students here can learn the best techniques and knowledge so that they can use these to create and develop their own creations. It is a dream for me when our local talents are recognized globally and to reverse the trend where Indonesians are the ones who are invited to teach and to share their knowledge overseas.

What is the composition of international tutors compared to the local ones here?

At the moment, 95% of our instructors are from overseas. We are also working with talented local instructors such as Charins Chang from Benedict Jakarta, Natasha Ali from the famous Sugar Ministry Jakarta, Ipoet from Popo’s Creations with her amazing cake modeling skills. I believe as we continue to develop local talents, the trend will be reversed and we will host more local instructors in the near future.

What is your usual class capacity in Heavenly Sweet Academy?

It is actually depends on the instructors. The typical class size is approximately 10 - 16 student as our classes are mostly hands-on. The duration for a master class is usually 2-3 days.

Our latest program is the Intensive Pastry class which is tutored by Chef Gilles Maisonneuve from France. The class is available in 4-weeks and 6-weeks duration, which covers all basis in Classic French Pastries from basic dough, viennoiseire, confectionery, individual tarts & boutique cakes and many more. The program includes class review, weekly examination and even optional internship with our partners in hotels and restaurants in the program to help them start in to the industry. This is perfect for people who wanted to change their career path to baking, or for those who just want to pursue their
passion and hobby.

Who is your main target audience?

Mostly business owners, online or offline pastry shops, hotels, and people who pursue baking as a hobby.

Why we should take courses in Heavenly Sweet Academy?

We are one of the first schools that invited international instructors to teach. We always make sure all students have the best learning experience with high-quality ingredients and working in a professional kitchen facilities. Heavenly Sweet Academy is also supported by the best brands such as Elle & Vire, Les Vergers Boiron, Valrhona, Bakels, and Cacao Barry.

Heavenly Sweet Academy is available in 4 cities (Jakarta, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Surabaya), does it mean that the international tutors will tour over these 4 cities?

It depends on the materials being taught, each cities has its own characteristics. For example, in Vietnam, the students prefer to do viennoiserie, bread or danish classes. While in Singapore, the students prefer cake decorating and products that they can make easily at home. We just had our grand opening last week for our newest location in Surabaya. I hope this location will provide better access for students coming from eastern part of Indonesia and beyond.

When some international students travel to Indonesia, do they come specifically for the courses in Heavenly Sweet Academy?

Yes, overseas students come specifically to attend our classes. We also assist our students coming from overseas and other cities in Indonesia with recommendation for accommodations and we provide free shuttle from the hotel to the school.

How fast is the trend change in pastry and cake decorating?

In cake decorating, I still remember that fondant was a big trend few years ago, then the trend was shifted to buttercream. But now, I think the popularity is balance and the classic cakes are starting to get more attention again.

Pastries like Entremets & Petit Gateaux are currently very popular due to the French influence in Indonesia and the pastry development is amazing. There are so many cafes and pastry shops opening all over the place now. Customers are being exposed to different tastes resulting from many different ingredients being used. I believe this will continue when chefs start to experiment combining classic basic ingredients with exotic local products  and techniques. It will be very exciting to see the new creations and new tastes developed.

What is your future plan with Heavenly Sweet Academy?

We are working together with Electronic City Indonesia on a new concept called Cook and Bake City. The concept was established with a vision to support family and community in providing healthy lifestyle through quality food created in the specially designed cooking and baking courses. It is more than just a place to gain knowledge of cooking, it is a place where you can spend quality time with friends and family, exploring new recipes or recreating your childhood favorites. Cook and Bake City is officially launched on 26 July 2018 and will be having regular daily classes.

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