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Geometrical Pastry

Architecture and Pastry were having an affair, and then they gave birth to Dinara Kasko.

Even if you never know her name, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen her works, especially if you’re active on Instagram. In fact, Dinara Kasko’s exceptional design has grabbed the attention of the world’s leading pastry magazine, So Good. When they put her cake as the magazine’s cover last year, the young Ukrainian pastry chef became instant celebrity. 

Kasko’s unique product’s concept is the result of her diverse backgrounds as architect-designer, 3D visualizer, and photographer. However, it was pastry that becomes her biggest interest, made her name known throughout the world and influence new generations of pastry chefs, along with her obsession of black, white and red. In this exclusive interview with Passion Magazine, Dinara shared her story and future plans.

Tell us your background story.

I started to bake like most of housewives, with some simple cakes and pies, but it quickly turned into my passion. I began to study patisserie at home in my small kitchen and attend courses with famous professional pastry chefs. By the time I graduated from University of Architecture and Design and worked as an architect-designer and a 3D visualizer.

What’s the highlight of your career?

For me, my greatest pastry triumph was publication in So Good Magazine. They made an article about me, and moreover they decided to put one of my creations on the cover! I couldn't believe that I, a usual amateur girl, would be in the magazine among world-class professionals, and I then was shocked when they said that my cake was on the cover!

How did you end up combining architecture and pastry?
From the moment I got into Patisserie I decided to try to add something new into it. I realized that the appearance is as important as taste. The best way to make something new was to create my own molds. It was not a problem for me to make my own molds, using 3DsMax and printing them with 3D printer. I made a series of desserts using simple geometrical figures without any color and decor. It even didn't look like something edible but I really liked it. I liked what I got and I decided to make more. I opened for myself new interesting possibilities. And I'm working with this style now, trying to create more geometric cakes, using parametric methods and geometric constructing principles. I use ideas for the inspiration from modern architecture, art, nature and any objects that surround us.

What’s your favourite thing to do?
My favourite thing is to bake and create new cake designs and experiment with tastes! But there are so many other things to be done. If I had a day or two, I would sketch new cakes and bake all day long. My head is full of new ideas and concepts!

What’s your most treasured piece of patisserie kit?
I'd like to have my own professional kitchen, with more space for work and photography. Because the appearance is just as important as the taste.

What do you like to do when you’re not creating works of art?
I like to spend the day with my family and travel.

Are there any chefs whom you admire and/or have helped shape your craft?

All chefs which courses I attended, influenced me. There are many memorable desserts from David Gil; then Pierre Herme, he is a genius, all he does is divine; Julien Alvarez. I adore what Juan Pablo Cortés, Yann Bernard Lejard, Melissa Coppel, Kévin Ketkaew, Christophe Michalak do. So many talented pastry chefs all over the world.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?

I'm going to create more my own molds for cakes using parametric design. Also I've tried to cut out chocolate using a milling-machine and I'm going to try to cut out something intresting with the machine now. Also there are a lot of offers from all over the world: courses, lectures, job offers and even TV programs.

What are your predictions for pastry over the next few months?
Pastry is becoming very popular all over the world, so there are so many areas for development in your cake business.

What are your top cake business tips?

Try to make your own recognizable style.

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you?

I want to try more and more in Pastry and I can’t stop. I see new and new capabilities. Also my followers are waiting for my new cakes.

Take us through a typical day for you.
I have a little daughter so the most of the day I have to spend with her, usually just at night I have free time for baking.