Gayo Coffee Tiramisu Served with pistachio ice cream and Tia Maria anglaise truffle


For the tiramisu

500 gr mascarpone cheese
100 gr egg yolk
150 gr sugar
50 gr warmed cream
5 pcs gelatin leaf
500 gr semi whip cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
45 ml myers rum
70 ml expresso coffee

For the sponge finger biscuit

4 pcs eggs, separated
150 gr caster sugar
125 gr plain flour
1/2 tsp corn starch

For the pistachio ice cream

500 ml cream
500 ml fresh milk
150 gr sugar
50 gr glucose
10 gr pistachi paste
50 gr pistachio nut chopped


· For the tiramisu, beat yolk and sugar on bainmarie to a stiff peaks. In other mixing bowl, beat the mascarpone cream and sugar just to a combined, and add liquid warm gelatin. Add flavors and whip cream. Keep and set in the silicon mould . keep frozent

· For the finger biscuit, beat yolk and sugar to a stiff peaks, and in other mixing bowl combine egg white with a spoon of sugar, beat to a meringue. Add combination of flour and corn starch, mix slowly the mixture with meringue. Pipped the mixture on silvat baking sheet.

· For the pistachio ice cream, boil the milk, cream and glucose, add egg and  whipped, stir slowly on medium heat, keep on ice bath and process in ice cream machine. Result keep In container and keep in the freeezer.