Gado-Gado Jakarta

Creamy Peanut Sauce

Skippy Chunky Peanut Butter 100gr
Cashew Nuts (fried) 100gr
Garlic (roasted) 10gr
Palm Sugar 50gr
Shrimp Paste 4gr
Tamarind 20gr
Water 150ml
Bird eye chilli 2pcs
Lime Leaves (chopped) 3pcs
Sweet Soy Sauce 20ml
Leprous Lime or normal Lime 20ml

1. Combine and mix water with tamarind until the tamarind is dilute with the water.
2. Put the rest of the ingredients into a blender with thetamarind mixture until smooth.
3. Seasoned with salt by taste.
4. The blend should have a smooth texture with a combination of savoury, tangy, and sweet flavor with a hint of lime

Green Vegetable Salad

Morning Glory or normal Spinach 50gr
Cabbage (sliced) 50gr
Sweet Corn 20gr
Bean Sprout 20gr
Snake Beans or Green Beans (3cm) 30gr
Tofu 70gr
Tempe 70gr
Potato (boiled and peeled) 50gr
Fried Shallots 10gr


1. Diced 50gr tofu and tempe, deep fry until golden brown.Set aside.
2. Thinly slice 20gr tofu and tempe, deep fry with low heat until crunchy. Set aside.
3. Blanch morning glory, cabbage, sweet corn, bean sprout, snake beans.

• Mix all the ingredients (except the fried shallots) in a bowl.
• Combine the creamy peanut sauce dressing into the mixed vegetables by taste.
• Put all the mixture in a plate and garnish with fried shallots and crunchy thin sliced tofu and tempe.
• Your salad is ready to serve.