CRK’s Startup Days

If you’re thinking you’re too old start a business, listen to what Chef Rahmat Kusnedi got to say

“There’s no such thing as late, it’s more to your capacity. I already have the necessary experience, but starting a business is also about finding the moment, mine just came 4 years ago. How can you tell it was the moment? Because I believed it, my friends also convinced me. I felt I have the criteria to start my own business, and about the detailed plan A or plan B, I could figure it out later as I run the business,” said CRK.

CRK said to be an entrepreneur means you have to be ready to suffer loss for at least a year. To illustrate what he meant, CRK remembered the days when he started Physallis’s. “ I haven’t really resigned from my job. The first thing I do was to make a solid team in my workplace, educate them, so I would have the time to do the work in Physallis’s. I’ve started the business from renting a garage in BSD, Tangerang, with only 3 employees. However, my business hasn’t really got any profit back then. In fact, I used my salary from my job to cover the operational cost of my business. Every month I spent around Rp 12 million to keep the business running. I thought I’d have enough revenue to cover the operational in 3 months, but I was wrong” he laughed.

The situation got better in 7th month, the amount of the expense he should cover was reduced. In a year, Physallis’ revenue was enough to cover the operational cost. “And then I began to wonder, are we gonna expand the size of the company or stay this way? If we were to expand, we have to move to a bigger place, with more equipments, more staffs. What I have in mind back then was, how much more expense I have to spend each month? I calculated and I found out that it was impossible for me to go alone, I have to find partner,” said CRK.

When you’re starting up, never expect an ideal situation. CRK was handling everything from the garage, from the production, finance, delivery, and HR. “After running for a while, I started to prioritize things. Okay, I didn’t want to be bothered with cash flow, so I hired finance staff and everything about money is out from my activity. After that, I hire the HR staff, and so on. We’re talking about managerial skill here,” he explained.