Contemporary Coffee Shop

It is getting more and more difficult to draw a clear line between traditional coffee shop and restaurant nowadays. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean a bad thing

In the 1960’s British invasion, the English bluesmen were grouped into 2 categories. Eric Clapton was a self-proclaimed blues purist, while others such as Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin prefer to stretch the traditional blues into……something contemporary, something progressive. It appears that history repeats itself, this time in coffee industry.

In the beginning of the third wave coffee shop in Indonesia, some purists believe that a true coffee shop only serves coffee, perhaps some pastry products, but main courses are just getting in the way. However, it’s a commonly known secret among coffee communities, but most coffee people agree that the biggest revenue comes from the food. When you have more interesting coffee shops come up with interesting food products, perhaps it is time to leave those purists argue among themselves and enjoy the new offerings by coffee shops, such as Atlast Kahve. Though the name may sounds alien, but kahve is actually the original name for coffee we all know and love.

Located in the border of the two hot properties in BSD, Tangerang: Gading Serpong and Paramount Serpong, the coffee shop is strategically located near a school, Penabur to be exact. It is logical for Atlast Kahve, who just officially opened its door in December 11th 2017, to aim for families, especially pretty housewives who drop off and pickup their children, commonly popular as “Macan Ternak”.

The venue is divided into 2 sections: The indoor is for families who prefer air conditioned room, while the outdoor is for smokers and those who prefer to hangout with their four-legged pals. With it’s heavy Skandinavian influenced interior and some eclectic elements, the coffee shop offer lots of natural light that is best visited in the afternoon.

Fusion Menu
It’s kinda hard to pigeonhole Atlast Kahve’s food concept, as it is actually designed to bring the favorite comfort food from all around the world. Therefore, expect diverse menus such as Mexican’s Enchiladas (homemade black bean beef wrapped with tortilla flour, served with spicy tomato, topped with wild rockets and three dipping sauces, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa), Japanese’s kids menu like Tori Karaage, Chicken Katsu Curry, to local’s favorites such as Oxtail Soup and Grilled Oxtail.

Among the wide selection of the menus, Atlast Kahve has 3 must-try menus. Although the name might raise some questions, Brodate (grilled chicken with creamy spinach served with asparagus, heirloom tomato and homemade gravy sauce) has generous portion and doesn’t have the dry, stringy texture of chicken breast that is notorious in overly cooked chicken. Roast Quail, the pan-seared, deboned quail covered in homemade gravy is also a favorite among the customers. It’s quite difficult to find quail, even in most western restaurants. The last one is perhaps the most Instagrammable dish: April in Bali, grilled Norwegian salmon, served with mixed veggies, asparagus, mashed potato, homemade Quattro formagi sauce, and the homemade beetroot sprinkle that gives it the Insta-worthy vibrant pink color.

One of Atlast Kahve’s missions is to raise the food’s standard level by using many homemade ingredients, such as the gravy, potato wedges, chips, and many other sauces. Of course, using instant premix ingredient seems like a sound solution for better efficiency, but once you tried the homemade quality, it’s hard to go back. The idea may sounds quite ambitious, considering it came from a coffee shop. Not to mention, the beautiful presentation of the menus. Upload them to social media, and prepare to be interrogated by your circle of friends.

The Signature Drinks

It’s not a coffee shop until it has an espresso machine, of course. However, it’s quite surprising to know that manual brew has the equal amount of fans compared to the espresso-based coffee. In here, you can have different methods of manual brewing, from Kalita Wave, V60, Tubruk, to Vietnamese Drip.

“We never expect that people here are really into manual brew. We served coffee from world’s famous roasters such as Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle, the local roaster like Kopi Pak Wawan, and the upcoming Common Man and Papa Palheta. Normally we have 3 different coffee at a time, sometimes we have a customer that orders all of them and do the tasting himself,” said Henny Taher, one of the Atlast Kahve’s owners.

In addition to the wide range of tea by Kaya which is popular among housewives, Atlast Kahve’s signature drink would be the cold pressed juice with playful names, such as Energy Booster, Flat Belly, Tummy Tonic, and Puff the Magic Dragon. At first, the nominal may seems pricey, but after knowing that they are made of real fresh fruit, with no water addition, these juices would make some sense, especially by health conscious people. There you go, calorie counters!

It’s true that the concept of coffee shop and restaurant is becoming more integrated nowadays, but we don’t really care for categorization. Just remember, whether you’re in Clapton’s purist team or Beck/Page’s progressive team, they have their own loyal fan base. We care more for the quality of the food, the drinks, reasonable pricing, and admit it, your presence in the digital world through Instagrammable menus. You can fill all of the checklists in Atlast Kahve.