Pandan Sponge

2000gr Tegral Sponge
400gr Water
400gr Sugar
30pcs Eggs
2tsp Pandan Essence

Method :  

  1.  Place all the ingredient in the mixing bowl
  2. Mix for 3 minutes in medium speed
  3. Pour the batter into prepared greased baking pan
  4. Bake in deck oven for 45 minuteson 180°C, Check with wooden pick, ensure the pick is come out clean.
  5. Remove from the oven and put on perforated tray for cooling down

Pandan Kaya

1000ml Coconut Milk
20pcs Egg yolks
4can Condensed Milk
2tbs Cornflour
400gr Butter
1tsp Pandan Essence

Method : 

  1. Heat coconut milk, pandan essence, condensed milk, and butter on sauce pan, use medium heat.
  2. In separate bowl dilute the corn flour with water
  3.  In another bowl stir the yolk until well smooth 
  4. When the coconut mix is almost boil turn off the heat. Spoon around 200ml and mix into the egg yolk
  5. Turn on the fire again in medium heat position
  6. Thicken the liquid with corn flour
  7. Mix quick stirring, pourin the egg yolk mixture.
  8. Keep on stirring well, avoid side burn
  9. When the butter fat look rather be separated, that mean the mixture is ready.
  10. Remove from the heat and transfer it into clean bowl.
  11. Using hand whisk, mix slowly the custard to make sure the separated oil from butter is blend back in.
  12. When is chill, the custard is ready to use

Coconut Mousse

1000ml Coconut Milk
500gr Sugar
100gr Gelatine
3000ml Whipped Cream

Method :

  1. Cook coconut milk and sugar, and cool it down
  2. Dilute the gelatin, keep a side
  3. Whisk the cream, fold with coconut mix and gelatin

Cendol Gelle

330gr Palm Sugar
800ml Water
20gr Gelatine

Method : 

  1. Boil water and brown sugar
  2. Turn off the heat and dilutethe gelatin inside
  3. Cool it down and ready to use

On the stainless food grade ring, assemble the layers of pandan sponge, kaya cream and coconut mousse, keep chilled approx 3 to 4 hrs, pour the gelle on the top. Let it set for 10 minutes.
Cendol cake ready to serve