Burrata Cheese

served with Different Type of Tomatoes

• Burrata cheese 500rm
• Cherry tomatoes 100grm
• Plum tomatoes 200grm
• Green tomatoes 100grm
• Heirloom tomatoes 100grm
• Basil leaves 50grm
• Balsamic vinegar 30ml
• Sugar 100grm
• Orange zest from 1 orange
• Olive oil 100ml
• Sea salt 20grm

First start doing the semi drying Cherry tomatoes and tomatoes chips,

Cut the Cherry by half and seasoned with salt, sugar and orange zest, cook In a preheat oven at 80 degree for 4 hours.
Thinly slice the plum tomatoes chips, seasoned with salt and sugar, cooking on the same oven for 10hours.
Chargrill the Heirlom tomatoes giving a nice dark color. (don’t be scare, more dark color the better)
Cut the green tomatoes by quarter. Keep all this tomatoes aside.

Break the Burrata cheese by irregular pieces

For the dressing add one part of Balsamic vinegar with three part of Olive oil on a mixing bowl whisking energetically until smooth.
Arrange the Burrata pieces on the bottom of the plate, mixed separately the previously prepare tomatoes and seasoned with the balsamic dressing, arrange the tomatoes on top of the cheese, and finish adding some sea salt and fresh basil leaves.