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Victoria Arduino solves the problem of barista’s inconsistency in with Black Eagle’s Gravitech

Victoria Arduino solves the problem of barista’s inconsistency in with Black Eagle’s Gravitech Gravimetric technology is just that: it guarantees a perfect espresso coffee made with maximum precision by ensuring total control at all stages of extraction. The barista just has to set the weight of the liquid in the cup for each blend. It is not atechnology to explore, it’s a system that can instantly sole problems.

With gravimetric technology, the weight of the liquid extracted is measured directly in the cup. The data is therefore much more precise and, more importantly, is not affected by other factors, such as the shape of the filter, the tamping force on the coffee, the condition of the showerheads and more. The barista always has full control of each delivery, the quantity in the cup is always programmed and any difference between one delivery and the next is eliminated.

James Hoffman, 2007 World Barista Champion who worked together with Victoria Arduino to create Black Eagle sums it up. “There’s a gap between the astonishing coffees out there and what’s typically served in most great cafes. This is a product designed to close that gap. This machine is for people who make promises and keep them. We describe coffee to eloquently, but often deliver it so poorly, and we’re trying to change that.”