Best of Both World

Sometimes healthy food is not always about the ingredient, it’s how you cook it

If you’re living a healthy lifestyle, dining out with family can be a bit confusing, especially when you have little children. You want something tasty and easy for children, like fried chicken, but you also want food that’s good for your health. Now, you don’t have to compromise any longer as Goobne has arrived in Indonesia, in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, to be specific.

The name came from the Korean word “Goobda” which literally means to roast, and it explains what Goobne mainly do, selling healthy roasted chicken. The brand was established in South Korea, 2005 and is known for endorsing popular Korean artists such as Girl’s Generation, EXO, and Seo Hyun Jin as their ambassador. Until now, Goobne already has over 1.100 outlets in Korea only and managed to become the top 3 Korean chicken restaurant brands. Along with restaurants, Goobne also has its own sauce business, chicken farm, and chicken slaughter machine with the capacity of slaughtering 120.000 per day. In March 17th 2018, the brand was officially introduced to Indonesia through PT. Goobne Indonesia Utama as its master franchiser in the country.

Healthy Roasted Chicken

Among the top 3 Korean chicken restaurants in South Korea, Goobne is probably the only one who put more attention to health. “We offer oven-roasted chicken, using one of the best combi oven available in the market right now. We don’t even put any cooking oil in it. The oil comes from the natural fat of the chicken itself. In terms of taste and texture, we’re as good, if not better, than the fried chicken. You’ll have crispy skin, more tender and juicier texture that’s hard to achieve in fried chicken,” said Anryan Saputra, President Director PT. Goobne Indonesia Utama.

The healthy roasted chicken concept came from Mr. Song, the CEO of Goobne. “Mr. Song was concerned when he realized that almost all youngsters loved fried chicken. He wanted to create something that can contribute to his nation’s health, something different and healthier. We’re not lying when we say we have healthy chicken. According to research Korean Consumer Agency (, we scored significantly lower in carbohydrate, calorie, trans fat, and sodium,” added Anryan.

The concept of healthy living is very trending now in South Korea. Anryan was also surprised to know that almost all restaurants in South Korea have better sales through delivery products. “Delivery is very happening in Korea, and it is really fast. The funny thing is, Koreans don’t really like to hangout in restaurants, they prefer to do it at their houses. I guess it’s different with countries like Australia whose people love to head straight to pub after working hour. Koreans even love to have products such as sashimi or pat bing soo to be delivered!”

Goobne also adapt Korean’s eating habit. “We serve the whole chicken into 14 cuts, and we serve it without white rice, of course, it’s optional. Koreans prefer to eat the chicken without rice, and they get the carb mostly from beer,” said Anryan.

With chicken as the main ingredients, Goobne put special care in the chicken selection. “The Koreans are very strict when it comes to quality. We invited top 10 biggest chicken suppliers to present their products, and we do the testing within a period of time to check the product’s consistency. The Korean representatives even checked the bone color. Initially, I thought, ‘it’s just bones’. However, they told me that you can check the freshness of the chicken from its bones. If the color’s very dark, it means that the chicken has been frozen or stored for quite a long time, the fresher the chicken, the brighter the color of the bone. In the end, from 10 suppliers, we only pick one and we decided to make exclusive contract with them,” Anryan said.

Goobne’s menu
Goobne’s roasted chicken comes in many variants. Of course, Original Chicken is the first thing you want to try here to understand the true nature of Goobne. With no extra sauce and spices, you’ll begin to wonder why do you even need cooking oil in the first place when you already have the tasty natural chicken fat. From there you can go to the other favorite chicken menus, such as Goobne’s signature Volcano Chicken, Goobne Deep Cheese which feature creamy cheddar powder mixed with blue cheese powder, Goobne Pepper Crispy Chicken, or Goobne Fruity Soy Garlic. However, as opposed to fried chicken, you’re supposed to eat the chicken as soon as it is served. “We don’t use any cooking oil, so we can’t maintain the crispiness of the chicken skin for too long,” said Anryan.

True to its nature to provide healthy food, Goobne also offers other healthy menus such as Mediterranean Salad, Original Chicken Salad, Special Egg Roll, and the Korean favorite Japchae. One of the highlight menu is definitely the Volcano Cheese Tteok-Bokki which feature the melting mozzarella served on a hot plate.

“Don’t miss our snowflake ice that comes in 3 variants: Snowflake with Mango, Oreo or Green Tea. We have the latest snowflake machine that can make, perhaps the smoothest snowflake in Indonesia right now. This product is especially popular in US and Taiwan. We just put milk into the machine with no added ice blocks, and the machine will produce snowflakes that is very similar to shredded coconut,” Anryan explained. If you see blue drink with bleeding shark in your Instagram feed, it is Rita Shark Blood, the blue curacao mocktail with strawberry puree which acted as the shark’s blood. The idea is simple, fresh, but very “Instagenic”.

It hasn’t been a week since Goobne its door for public when we visit there, however, Goobne Indonesia has already aimed to open its second outlets in South Jakarta, somewhere between the end of this year to beginning of next year. Goobne’s chicken is a synergy between the easily accepted taste of fried chicken we all know and love, with the healthy concept through the use of oven roaster.
If you believe healthy food can’t be tasty and tasty food can’t be healthy, perhaps it’s your time to see the fact for yourself.

“We’re not lying when we say we have healthy chicken. According to research Korean Consumer Agency (, we scored significantly lower in carbohydrate, calorie, trans fat, and sodium”