Beef & Yolk


Olive oil 30 mlBeef tenderloin 180 gr (cut into half )

Baby Potatoes 50 gr (boiled and cut half)

Zuchini 30 gr (cut square)beef bacon 30 gr (cut square)

Capsicum red 20 gr (cut square)

Capsicum yellow 20 gr (cut square)

Capsicum green 20 gr (cut square)

Jalapeno 5 gr (thin slice)

Mushroom champignon 40 gr

Garlic chopped 5 gr

Salt 2 gr

Black Pepper 1 gr

Onion 15 gr (cut square)

fresh mix herbs 5 gr

For toping:

1 soft Poached Egg

White vinegar 20 ml


Sauce stir fry:

Demi glaze 40ml

Balsamic vinegar 15ml

Cream 40 ml

Stock 50 ml

Butter 30 gr

Blackpepper crusted to tasteFresh cream 60 ml

Parmesan cheese 1 tsp

Truffle oil few drop


• Marinate half the tenderloin with salt & pepper, paprika powder and olive oil.

• Then grill to medium (set aside).

• The remaining tenderloin cut into cube season it and sear in the pan add the onion, garlic then stir fry with the remaining vegetables and herbs.

• Pour the sauce stir fry (except butter to add last minute) gradually and simmer for few minutes, check seasoning.

• Prepare the poached egg by boil the water with add vinegar when its start boiling reduce the heat and stir the water then pour the egg, remove from water when the white egg is firm and set (dont over boiled the egg yolk).

• In a deep bowl plate arrange the the stir fry beef and vegetables place the half grill beef on it and the poached egg on top of the beef then add cream parmesan reduction before serving