Baked Lamb Rack with Fermented Black Bean Sauce


400gr Lamb Rack
50gr Onion
50gr Cooking Oil
20ml Chinese Shao Shin Wine
100ml Chicken Stock
10gr Chicken Powder
5gr Sugar
5gr Salt
20gr Oyster Sauce
30ml Light Soy Sauce
30ml Dark Soy Sauce
20gr Potato Starch
30gr Guiling Chili Sauce
100gr Turnip Cake
1gr Black Pepper Corn
20gr XO Sauce
120gr Pok Choi

Cooking Method:

1. Marinate Lamb Rack for 1 hour.
2. Heat up the pan. Add a little oil and then fry the lamb rack until surface micro-focus
3. Turn on oven temperature to 200°C and then bake the lamb in an oven for six minutes.
4. Heat up the wok, add a bit oil, sliced onion, Guiling chili sauce, black peppercorn, chicken stock. Add seasoning and stir-fry.
5. Add lamb rack into the stir-fry.
6. Dilute potato starch with water to thicken, then add Chinese Shao Shin Wine.
7. Dip turnip cake into Potato Starch.
8. Heat up cooking oil until 180 °C, add turnip cake into cooking oil. Deep-fry until golden brown.
9. Add XO Sauce and seasoning into the pan to stir fry.
10. Poach the pok choi, then drain the water.
11. Heat up the pan, add a bit cooking oil to stir fry with seasoning.
12. Ready to serve.