AMUZ Gourmet always provides the best for its customers, with innovating cooking, flavors & product selection by Chef Gilles Marx. To spoil its guests, every month, AMUZ Gourmet serve special dishes following the seasons & premium products available in the world’s best markets. This August Girolles Mushroom & Peaches are in season and specially air flown from; Japan, Miyazaki Beef, and from Britany France, Monk fish.

Girolles are one of the most prized and sought after of Wild Mushrooms. These trumpet shaped fungi are highly regarded mushrooms favored for their gold to yellow color, and rich flavor, ranging from apricot to earthier tasting. Girolles are very versatile, and work well with many different things. Girolles are best eaten fresh and we will prepare them in different ways for you to enjoy.

Miyazaki Beef is 100% purebred Japanese Wagyu from the Miyachiku co-op. The name of the breed of cow that is used by Miyachiku is Kuroge Washu, also known as "Japanese Black". It is one of four Wagyu breeds that exist today.

Miyazaki Prefecture is the 2nd largest producer of Japanese Black, and only the highest quality cattle from this region can be dubbed "Miyazakigyu."
In 2007, this class of cow boasted the "Champion Cow" of the "Wagyu Olympics," and the fame is gradually gaining momentum. Miyazaki Wagyu is recognized for its cherry red color, tender texture and great dense meat taste. The snowflake-liked fat is evenly distributed and produces a non-greasy flavor.

Wild Britany Monkfish has a unique firm-textured and its meaty white flesh is often compared to lobster, monkfish has an extraordinary appearance, with a flattened head, tapering body and mottled-brown, glossy skin. Once the fish has been filleted and the central bone removed, there are no others.
With the touch of his experienced hands, chef Gilles Marx will create a superb dishes with those unique ingredients, that can be enjoyed this August only at AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant Jakarta.

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